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July 11, 2020

Ventoy 1.0.15 Adds GPT Support and More

The amazing Ventoy bootable installer tool version 1.0.15 got released to GitHub on July 9, 2020. You’ll want to grab a copy at your earliest convenience. This release can build a GPT formatted environment, with its usual tiny boot partition (32 MB FAT EFI VTOYEFI partition) and use the rest of the media for a


USB-C Docks Make More Sense Than Ever

At the end of June Belkin released a new line of business-oriented USB-C ports that provide power, video, USB access and networking via a single USB-C cable. It’s a quick and convenient way to switch between “desktop” and “mobile” mode on a single computing device.


Assisting users with non-English Windows 10

When assisting Windows 10 users, regardless  of whatever localized language version they are using, it’s good to remember that core Windows is always in English. That includes all system folder names, all native Windows applications and all tools. Localized folders, for instance in the user profile are in fact not folders but rather, they are

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New Insider Release Names Appear in WU

Earlier this month, MS announced new terminology for levels of participation in its Insider program — namely, Dev Channel, Beta Channel and Release Preview Channel. As of June 29, those Channels are now visible, ready for you to tune in!


UASP Outperforms BOT Significantly

When a long-time subscriber points out that my NVMe device throughput results were way under expected values, I realize I took that drive for a ride on the wrong bus. UASP beats BOT every time with fast storage devices. I shoulda known…


Microsoft Store Goes Completely Virtual

The brick-and-mortal Microsoft Store locations around the world are closing, as the company shifts its retail focus entirely online. Already shuttered because of the pandemic this decision makes good business sense. I’m still sorry to lose a favorite digital playground.


Thoughts on Updating PowerToys (Preview)

If you want to update PowerToys, be warned that some applications may need to let go of files that its installer touches during installation. That means you’ll sometimes be asked to close such applications before the update runs to completion.


Adobe Flash EOL January 1, 2021

Although the news has been out since June 2017, it bears repeating that Adobe Flash Player hits EOL on 12/31/2020. Chrome and Firefox no longer support it, as its days are increasingly (and smaller) numbered.

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Version 2004 Changes Recovery Options

In a welcome effort to reduce the number of Windows 10 reset, refresh and reinstall options, MS does away with “Fresh Start” in Version 2004, and directs users to “Reset this PC” instead. Good move!


Interesting US$200 2.5″ Storage Experiment

I decide to spring US$200 for a 5 TiB 2.5″ Seagate drive and a double-high 15mm drive enclosure, thinking I will lose out on performance owing to its 5,400 RPM rotational speed. A comparison with a 7,200 RPM 2TiB drive comes out surprisingly well.


Dear Win10.Guru Subscribers

Recently we waged a war against site hijackers that we finally won. Two things went missing in that battle: first, users must subscribe to the site again if they wish to receive notifications for comments and new content. Second, comments for June 13 thru 17 were lost.

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How to start with PowerShell ISE

I am a fan of PowerShell, using it in most of my computer management. Unfortunately, some of the PowerShell users have not realized how magnificent tool the PowerShell ISE is. ISE is short of Integrated Scripting Environment, a “power tool” build in to PowerShell. A few years ago, I made this short video to show


MS Changes Insider Program to “Channels”

Out with the old, in with the new: MS is doing away with Ring-based Insider levels (Fast Ring, Slow Ring, Insider Preview) and moving to Insider Channels instead: Dev Channel, Beta Channel and Insider Preview Channel. Be prepared, this will probably show up in Settings soon.

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