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Dear Readers and Site Visitors,

Welcome to Win10.guru. This site is owned and operated by two-long time IT professionals who’ve been working with Windows 10 since it first made its debut as a Technical Preview in October 2014. More about us in a minute. Let’s start with a statement of this site’s mission and coverage. We aim to provide factual, detailed information about Windows 10, with an emphasis on practical, how-to information based on empirical observation and painstaking testing to confirm that what we say corresponds closely with how the OS and related tools and applications work. We will also state our opinions about Windows 10, ongoing releases, related issues and problems as clearly and directly as we can.

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Beware of Browser Mining

Guess what? There’s a new kind of mining for digital currency emerging in the marketplace. It’s called “browser mining” and it works something like this. User visits web page; web page downloads mining widget; mining widget runs on user system generating hashes (and ultimately, spendable digital coins) for the web site operator. That sounds fair,


Windows 10 Activation – Facts and Fiction

A few days ago my “partner in crime” Ed asked me to check a thread on a tech forum (which particular site is neither important, nor germane to this dicussion).  In that thread, some members were discussing the idea that Microsoft was seemingly granting Windows 10 licenses for free. That is, they asserted that a


Secure Windows on a Secure Device

Recently my partner Ed and I posted about Microsoft’s hardware requirements for optimal security on Search Enterprise Desktop, a TechTarget site. Our conclusion, in brief, was that Microsoft’s goal seems to be to get enterprise customers to use Windows 10 S edition on secure devices from partner manufacturers (Dell, HP, Lenovo et al), along with


Flash – Why do we still use it?

The title is meant to be taken as a rhetorical question. No answer is required, nor is one really expected. Most of us know this story far too well already… Just at the end of last week, we learned about yet another Flash vulnerability. For those details, which revolve around embedded Flash components in Office

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Office 365

Office 2019 – Only for Windows 10

A blog post on TechNet on February 1st from Caitlin Fitzgerald reveals three major changes coming to Office 2019. In case you didn’t already know, 2019 is the next major Office version, scheduled for release later this year (2018). The Preview should roll out late in Q2, with final release highly likely to appear in Q4.

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EdgeManage by Emmet Gray

I am something of a purist when it comes to Windows 10. I adhere to a clear principle:  I won’t use a third-party tool for something that Windows is completely capable of doing (and designed to do) by itself. I do not use any gadgets or Start replacements, I detest all snake-oil tweakers, cleaners and

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Nvidia drivers – Bloatware?

In preparing to inject drivers from Build 17074 into 17083 for deployment, I notice the DriverStore is hugely bloated with nearly 15 GB of Nvidia drivers. DriverStore Explorer rides to the rescue, and I inject about 1.5 GB of drivers instead.

War Stories

January ’18 Win10 Foibles & Follies

The Internet and the news media have been abuzz with consternation and complaints about Windows 10 lately, but the current state of affairs didn’t really register with me until I saw this statement on TenForums.com today: “I have never hated something that’s not alive as much as I hated windows 10.”  This came up in

Office 365

Office 365 activation and account errors

Last weekend I fought for four days to get Windows upgraded to build 17074, and to get Office installed, activated and working with my OneDrive for Business and SharePoint services. Read the full story here. Once I put those misadventures behind me, I thought everything was fine. Fast forward to early today (Saturday): I turn my laptop and external display plus other devices on, make a huge pot of coffee, then open Outlook to check my email. Because I always use the black (dark) theme for Office applications, I noticed something was wrong as soon as Outlook opened using its default blue theme instead. “Not again!”, I thought.

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UUP Dump – Get Insider Fast Ring ISO

I’ve been using the UUP Dump Miniserver since the first version was released in early October to get Fast Ring ISO images for those editions and languages I do not have currently installed when new builds are released. It is a fast and reliable tool which I wholeheartedly recommend. Get UUP files downloaded with UUP Dump

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Toolkit Item: UnCleaner

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m something of a nut when it comes to utilities that get rid of unnecessary space-takers in Windows OSes. That’s why you’ll find more than a handful of utilities that get rid of unnecessary, unwanted, obsolete or superfluous files in this series. My first such tool is small, fast, unassuming and

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