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September 23, 2020

MS Presents Build 19042.508 as Final 20H2 Build

Allrighty, then. As per Brandon LeBlanc at the Windows Blog on September 18, Build 19042.508 (KB4571756) likely represents the Version 20H2 final build. He puts it this way “We believe that Build 19042.508 is the final build and still plan on continuing to improve the overall experience of the October 2020 Update on customers’ PCs


Microsoft Makes Fuzz Testing Tool Open Source

Fuzzing is a technique that deliberately generates randomized inputs to code under test, and seeks to exercise (and violate) all possible code paths. This makes it a peachy technology for automated testing. MS has made its fuzz testing tools Open Source, which is big news.


SpiceWorld 2020 Ventoy Presentation

OK, then. Today’s the day my pre-recorded presentation about Ventoy — the GitHub project that creates bootable Windows 10 media that can boot into any bootable ISO file in one of its partitions — at the virtual version of this year’s annual SpiceWorld gathering. As promised, I’m providing links to the underlying PowerPoint file and


No Write Caching for (Some) Ventoy UFDs

In checking performance options for Ventoy UFDs, I learn that my current choice doesn’t support write caching. This leads me to investigate best options for Ventoy media. I settle on a Sabrent NVMe USB-C/3.1 enclosure with a cheap-o 256 GB NVMe M.2. Deets supplied!


MS Merges SSU into CU for WSUS

For companies and organizations that manage their own Windows Updates, getting the right Servicing Stack Update (SSU) is crucial before or alongside installing the Latest Cumulative Update (LCU). At a single stroke, MS does away with this requirement.


Admin Toolkit: Ventoy V1.0.20 Download Available

One week ago, the latest version of the terrific bootable USB installer tool Ventoy became available for download. I’m talking about V1.0.20 taking up position as the Ventoy “Latest Release” on GitHub. To update an already-installed copy, unZip the download into some target directory and plug in your Ventory USB device. Then, run the Ventoy2Disk.exe

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CU KB4571744 Fixes Disk Defrag/Optimize Issue

Since Version 2004 went public in May, Defragment and Optimize drives has suffered from a bug that caused it to lose its memory of recent actions, checks, and optimizations/defrags. Happily, KB4571744 fixes that properly.


Resolve Win10 Activation Status

SuperFly’s excellent ShowKeyPlus tool can tell users if they’ve upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version and what kind of license they’ve got. Use slmgr to check activation status at any time, to make sure your license is valid and active.


KB4023057 Forces Upgrade Install on Older 1909 PC

Warning for those running older (pre Version 2004) Windows 10 versions. KB4023057 not only repairs all hacks to block upgrades, it also forces an automatic restart once the GUI phase of the upgrade completes. This can sometimes be problematic, as it was for me!

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Toolkit Item: WizTree

Because WinDirStat hasn’t been updated since 2016, I’m forced to de-list it from my Administrator’s Toolkit collection. I’m replacing it with the excellent (and quite similar) WizTree instead (most recent update: May 2020). ‘Nuff said.


Selling a Windows PC – How to prepare

If you want to sell or give away a Windows computer, be it a desktop, a laptop or a tablet, there are a few things to consider. Will you sell it with Windows licensed and activated, will you just delete your user account but let all software and apps remain intact? Or, would you prefer to wipe the disks clean and erase all traces of you?  


Making Sense of LCID Language Codes

Ever wondered about those four-letter codes that identify languages in Windows, like en-us for US English and en-gb for UK English? They’re called LCIDs (Language Code Identifiers) and there are a great many of them. Fortunately, I found a good tool to search and sort them, too.


Change Windows system language

There are several reasons why a user might want to change the Windows system language. Let’s say for instance that an expat living and working abroad buys a computer, which comes with preinstalled Windows in the wrong language. I am one of those expats; buying computers here in my adopted home country of Germany, the


Windows Store Icon Confusion

When I read that the new Microsoft Store icon is everywhere, I’m amused to see it in both Start Menu and on the app itself in Insider Previews, but to see the old icon in the Start Menu with the new one on the app in Version 2004. Sigh.

Dual Boot

Native boot VHD with GPT virtual hard disk – How to upgrade

Windows cannot be upgraded on native boot VHD. Updating is OK, but when user tries to upgrade Windows, an error message is shown: “You can’t upgrade Windows on a virtual drive“. To upgrade Windows on native boot VHD, it must be attached to a virtual machine. After upgrade, virtual machine can be deleted, and user can now boot to VHD containing upgraded Windows.

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