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20H1 Runs Solid and Steady

Could the happy stars have finally lined up over Redmond? Windows 10 Insider releases are steady, stable and trouble-free right now. Same goes for the 1903 production version. What gives?


Windows 10 – MAK Activation using Answer File

A week and a half ago I saw an interesting post on Ten Forums: it concerned image customization and deployment of that custom image. The case started with CopyProfile issues, during which phase custom settings were not being applied on target devices. Finally, when that was resolved, another issue appeared: target devices were not activated

Admin Tools

Digging into POWERCFG

Everybody knows the POWERCFG command can handle hibernation or sleep/wake states. It can also do a whole lot more, including controlling Power Options settings.


Windows Upgrade process really has changed!

For the first two years of the Windows Insider program, feature upgrades were delivered as ESD updates. From my point of view, that was a good system. In it, Insider build upgrades were delivered relatively quickly and they were reliable. Generally speaking, Insiders had far fewer upgrade issues and failed upgrades than they do today


So Long Skipahead Ring

With the announcement of Insider Fast ring build 19018.1 on November 5, the Insider Team reports no more Skipahead builds going forward. Insiders who elected “Skip” will automatically switch to “Fast.”

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Check Out MS Ignite 2019

The Windows Ignite 2019 conference is underway in Orlando Florida through November 8. Remote viewing of streamed sessions is free, so it’s worth checking things out to see what’s happening. Enjoy!


Windows 10 Defaultuser0 account

I have seen a few posts lately in which users ask “What is the Defaultuser0 account?”,”Can it be deleted?” , “What’s its password?, and so on. Officially, Microsoft offers no information about this account and its intended purpose. Or at the very least, any such information is extremely hard to find. First, let me assure


Microsoft PowerPoint – A Power Video Maker!

Preparing a video for Ten Forums about how to use Macrium viBoot to upgrade Windows 10, I thought I would document that process to show how good Microsoft PowerPoint is at making videos. The best thing is that it is so extremely easy to use PowerPoint to build nice, simple instructional videos. In addition, when


War Stories: dwm.exe APPCRASH Insider Feedback

Because I have two nearly identical laptops running Windows 10 Insider Preview builds it’s easy for me to tell that one build is subject to Windows Desktop Manager crashes when I leave Remote Desktop open. Reported to Feedback Hub.

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Win10 Release Makeover Matches Azure Schedule

MS must provide core OS capability for Azure by December at the same time it’s finishing 19H2. This explains 19H2 is just a minor add-on to 19H1. Hopefully, getting onto an Azure schedule also means adopting their mindset.


Toolkit item: FileZilla

Once upon a time, it was nearly impossible to work on websites without using FTP. This is no longer true, but when you need Internet file transfer capability, the free, Open Source program FileZilla is the way to go.

Desktop tools

Toolkit Item: WinDirStat

WinDirStat is free Open Source software that illustrates Windows file and folder hierarchies, with an emphasis on file size. It’s a useful tool for grooming and managing Windows drives or volumes.

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