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Windows 1909 Available in All Channels

OK, then. The latest, greatest version of Windows 10 is now available. Officially known as Windows 10 November 2019 Update, and labeled as 1909 (aka 19H2 by codename), it’s now up for download. You can get it through Windows Update, from the Download Windows 10 page (which still mentions Windows 10 May 2019 update as I write this), and through the Media Creation Tool (MCT). This latter item is named MediaCreationTool1909.exe. If the filename isn’t clued-in enough to show you what’s what, you can get the complete version information for the Windows 10 it conveys on the Details tab of its File Explorer Properties:

Note the string next to the “Product version” line. It says, 10.0.18362.418. Indeed that is the Build Number for 1909.

What’s Up with this Update/Upgrade?

Compared to previous Feature Upgrades, 1909 is a real lightweight. It’s quick to install, though you may have to wait a while for MS/Akamai servers to deliver the download (they’re apparently swamped at the moment). Once I got the MCT ISO downloaded (the whole shebang is over 4 GB for the x64 version), it took less than 10 minutes to get through installation to the desktop. There’s no Windows.old folder to clean up. And 1909 doesn’t wipe the whole device slate clean, either. Normally, a feature upgrade re-installs all device drivers on target PCs. This time, when I check Reliability Monitor, I see a single line for the Feature update, but no mention of driver installs therein:

There’s a Feature Upgrade notification, but not one single driver install, in Reliability Monitor. Interesting!
[Click image for full-sized view.]

So far feedback on the new release has been uniformly positive. There was a temporary glitch for some users, now fixed, where they would find themselves repeatedly reinstalling the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (aka MSRT). That’s a real drag, because it takes some time to run (usually several minutes). But other than that, the TenForums “reaction page” (up to 126 individual posts as I provide the link) includes no serious complaints, nor problem reports, where 1909 install and subsequent runtime behavior is concerned. It’s too early to conclude that “all is well” just yet, but that is a pretty good sign!

Author: Ed Tittel

Ed Tittel is a 30-plus-year computer industry veteran. He’s a Princeton and multiple University of Texas graduate who’s worked in IT since 1981 when he started his first programming job. Over the past three decades he’s also worked as a manager, technical evangelist, consultant, trainer, and an expert witness. See his professional bio for all the details.

One Response “Windows 1909 Available in All Channels”

  1. Ron Jaques
    November 14, 2019 at 14:46

    I downloaded the ISO and used it to upgrade one of my systems. It took over a hour to do. On another system I used the OPTIONAL method and it took less than 5 mins. Some of my systems have not been offered anything yet. My HOME versions were offered 1909 but not the PRO versions.

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