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Please Help Us Here at Win10.Guru

An Open Letter to Site Visitors and Members:

Hello readers. Ed Tittel here. Kari and I are making a big push to invest in more content, more often here at Win10.Guru. To help fund that exercise, and bring some new voices into the site, we could use your help. Hopefully, you’ll be inclined to click around on our behalf to help us boost our visibility, name recognition, and market heft. There are any number of things you might do to assist, including one or more of the following:

  1. Twitter: follow @Win10Guru
  2. Subscribe to Win10.Guru notifications by providing your name and e-mail under “Subscribe” in the right-hand column of any page here.
  3. We’re using Google AdSense to help fund the site, so if you’d click the occasional advertisement here, every little bit helps!
  4. We’re fielding proposals for possible postings and other content. If you have a good idea for some material, please use an email address from the contact page here to let us know.
  5. Spread the word about Win10.Guru to friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, and other members of your personal and professional networks.

More ways to help out

If you’ve read this far, we’ll assume you might be interested in modest sponsorship of the site. If you click the little coffee cup at the upper right-hand part of any page, you can make a small donation to help us pull more and better content together that way, too.

Other ways to help out include:

  • Citing our work, with links, when you find something useful, or something that you like.
  • Posting comments on items here at the site when you have questions, additional information, or want to discuss our findings, information, or points of view.
  • Letting us know when you want us to dig into specific topics, tools, or Windows 10 related news.


Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you’ll be willing to consider this request and perhaps to even act on one or more items here. We appreciate your time and attention that’s for sure. We try to waste as little as possible of that precious commodity, and hope you find the content to “other stuff” ratio at least tolerable, if not better than that. Thanks again!

Best wishes,

–Ed & Kari–
[Post by Ed, sentiments shared strongly by both of us!]

Author: Ed Tittel

Ed Tittel is a 30-plus-year computer industry veteran. He’s a Princeton and multiple University of Texas graduate who’s worked in IT since 1981 when he started his first programming job. Over the past three decades he’s also worked as a manager, technical evangelist, consultant, trainer, and an expert witness. See his professional bio for all the details.

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