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Patch Tuesday KB4515384 Resolves KB4512941 Search Issues

MS has acted swiftly to address issues with Search.UI and above-average CPU consumption rates raised from the  August 26 (Release Preview) and August 30 (general 1903 release) KB4512941 Cumulative Update. In fact, the lead item in the 1903 Known Issues list (see following screencap) addresses this directly. In a previous post here at Win10.Guru (MS Ties KB4512941 To Search Issues) I asserted that MS acted with relative dispatch in adding this issue to that list. With the September 10 release of a fix for the matter, MS has also moved with extraordinary speed.Patch Tuesday KB4515384 Resolves KB4512941 Search Issues.search-resolved

10 Days from Report to Resolution Ain’t Bad. MS obviously thinks Search is important.
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Continuing Thoughts about Known 1903 Issues, and Their Care and Feeding

Of course, it would be better if one CU in the ongoing 1903 sequence didn’t introduce an issue that the following CU in the same sequence must then fix. But Windows10 is an extraordinarily complex system, built around millions of lines of code. Complexity experts would argue that occasional strange behaviors and unforeseen side effects and impacts on overall system behavior and reliability are inevitable in something as big and hairy as Windows 10. But if you take a look at the entire list of Known Issues right now, you’ll see 14 issues listed therein. Resolved issues stay on that list until they’re 30 days old. The composition of the 14 items by status is as follows:

– Resolved: 7
– Mitigated: 5
– Investigating: 2

Thus, one could argue that there are really only 2 truly open issues on that list (items still under investigation). Mitigated is something of a gray area, because it means that an outright fix is not available, but that some kind of workaround to avoid or address the issue has been documented. However you look at these categories, the numbers strongly suggest that MS is staying on top of things, and dealing with them as quickly as it can. That said, though, both of the Investigating items are dated May 29 and linked to KB4505057. Some nuts, it seems, can be harder (and take longer) to crack than others! Very interesting, nevertheless.

Author: Ed Tittel

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  1. CountMike
    September 11, 2019 at 19:20

    Issues do happen, it’s important that they are acknowledged. will be fixed sooner or later.

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