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Office 365 Ups Home and Personal Limits

Interesting post to Microsoft’s Office 365 Blog yesterday, August 30. Entitled “You’re about to get even more from your Office 365 Home or Personal subscription!” it lays out some interesting changes to those offerings. It comes from Corporate VP Jared Spataro, whose LinkedIn profile says he’s responsible for the Office SMB Business, Windows Commercial, and product marketing for Office apps.

basic O365 Home account info

Hey! I’ve got an O365 Home subscription, so I can share some of my account info right here.

Limits Go Up, Waaay Up!

Previously, Home limited subscribers to 10 devices in total across five users, and Personal to one PC or Mac and one tablet. According to the blog post, starting on October 2, 2018, subscribers “can install Office on an unlimited number of devices — and be signed into their accounts on up to five of those devices at the same time.” In addition, the number of users supported for the Home subscription increases by 1, from 5 to 6 total. Do the math, and that means one Office 365 Home subscription will support up to 30 simultaneous logins (6 accounts X 5 Devices each = 30 logins). That’s pretty amazing, and definitely ups the value of an Office 365 Home subscription, which will still cost US$99.99 per year going forward (actual costs vary by location and currency).

One more thing: you can manage Office 365 subscriptions from the Microsoft Account portal (see preceding screencap for some snippets of that info). Simply log in to account.microsoft.com, then click on “Services &  subscriptions” and you can access your Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions right there. As always, the Office Portal remains the place to go for Enterprise and other Business subscriptions to Office 365.

What Does It All Mean?

This means there’s no reason not to put a copy of Office 365 on all of your devices, since you can now install as many copies on as many device as you like. In reality, this translates into “as many devices as you have” — probably because people who own other devices won’t want you cluttering them up with your software! Even Personal users can do this, though they can only run it on 5 devices at the same time. Those who use Office at work or school just got a compelling reason to buy into Office 365 Home, which should suffice for most families even in a gadget crazy household. Great stuff! But then, I’ve already bought into that particular dream . . .

Author: Ed Tittel

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