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New Windows Terminal Features Due January 14

Thanks to some careful sleuthing from Fossbytes and WindowsUnited.de, I’ve uncovered an MS GitHub preannouncement of cool upcoming Windows Terminal features. (See shout-outs at the end of this story for links and further thanks.) It comes from cinnamon-msft, aka Kayla Cinnamon, a Program Manager at MS who’s “currently working on Windows Terminal and Cascadia code!” In my opinion, that makes her a usually reliable source, who has just coughed up some interesting and intriguing information about what’s next for Windows Terminal.

The new features will make their debut on January 14 (the next Patch Tuesday, by no coincidence whatsoever). My best guess is that it will go into the Insider Fast ring preview, but it might even go into 1909. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next week. Here’s what to look for in the release:

+ Search: a search box pops up in the terminal window at top right, and displays search results in the normal terminal text display area at the left, from top to bottom. (See this Ubuntu image for details.)
+ Tab Sizing: When multiple tabs are present in Windows Terminal, users can resize them to make them more compact (See this before and after image for how this changes tabs.)
+ Retro-style CRT effects (experimental feature): shows on-screen text just like in the old days when CRT monitors were a big advance over monochrome character-oriented displays. This is the lead-in image for the story, which you see at its head. Brings back old and surprisingly fond memories for your humble author.
+ Enhanced panes and tabs key bindings: lets you associate a profile with custom key bindings (see GitHub link in first paragraph for examples and more info).
+ Custom default settings: you can apply a single setting to all profiles in the Windows terminal profiles.json file (ditto preceding item for more info and an example; see also Kari’s Win10.Guru story on working with this json file).


Thanks to Aditya Tiwari at Fossbytes for the story “Windows Terminal Gets CRT Mode from Pre-LCD Era” and arminst at WindowsUnited.de for the story “Windows Terminal erhält neue Funktionen” (Windows Terminal Gets New Functions). These items ultimately led me to Kayla Cinnamon’s GitHub comment, which provided the basis for this story. Can’t wait to try these new features out next week, in whatever Windows 10 version they make their appearance. Stay tuned!

It’s Here [Note added January 14]

OK, then: the latest preview of Windows Terminal is out. It will run on any Windows 10 version. You can grab it from GitHub, or better yet, from the Microsoft Store (it will continue to update itself automatically if you choose the latter option). Grab yourself a copy and start playing right away. Enjoy!


Author: Ed Tittel

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