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Microsoft Edge – If it is so widely disliked, why do I like it?

Microsoft Edge is my main, default browser, has been since October 1st, 2014. For me, it has been quite a nice experience to see it evolve. I have big hopes for its future and its new Chromium-based rendering engine. However, I just don’t get why the majority of users seem to dislike, or even hate Edge. What’s up with that?

That dislike, sometimes hatred comes out clearly on various forums and on social media, where admitting one’s like (or even love) for Edge might start a wave of insults and ridicule. This post relates a true story about those strong feelings:

The Fight

A week ago I posted something about Microsoft Edge on TenForums.com, as a response to multiple members posting how they hate Edge, what a huge disaster it is, and so on. I tweeted that post, too:

Please click the tweet to read it in Twitter.

That post started, for lack of a better word, a real s***storm. In the long run this led moderators to delete several posts both from me and other members. I am an old, senior member on these forums, so I knew very well that at some point this would happen. I decided to use the OneNote Web Clipper extension in Edge to save all those pages for posterity. The following images are screenshots of some posts in the thread, taken from pages I saved in OneNote. I do not want to name my adversaries, nor link to the thread in question, so this material is also mildly sanitized to protect the identities of others involved in our conversation.

Once things got rolling, in some subsequent posts I was asked if I have used other browsers. I explained “Yes, I use four other browsers on daily basis (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon).” That’s because I want to stay automatically signed in to all my Azure AD and Microsoft accounts. Thus, Edge is always signed in to my main AAD and MS accounts, Chrome to my secondary account, and so on and so forth.

Then I got this reply:

You can open screenshots in this post enlarged in a new tab by clicking them.

My next two replies:

To keep the story shorter, I just want to relate that this game of cat-and-mouse went on and on endlessly. Whatever I said about Edge, it was met with sarcasm, ending with a fellow TenForums member calling me liar because it simply was impossible that I might like Edge and use it as my main browser. Because in the other posters’ opinions Edge is such a crappy, subpar browser, if I wanted to assert it was worth using, I must be lying or insane (if not both at once).

At some point the posts from both sides were deleted by the moderators. That’s both understandable and acceptable. Then I got this personal message through the forums:

That about sums up the resistance. For reasons I cannot understand, Microsoft Edge is really disliked, even hated by majority of normal Windows 10 users. Quite often the hatred goes to such extent that it causes “resistance” to insult those saying anything positive about Edge. Every time I post something about Edge, the response is very negative.

Why do I like Edge?

From the beginning, release of the first Windows 10 preview build back in October 2014, I decided to give it a chance. For me, this includes all the default Windows 10 apps. Thus, it was quite natural and even inevitable that Edge became my default browser. In the beginning, I needed other browsers more than I do today, simply because in the first preview builds even some native Microsoft sites did not render correctly in Edge (Azure admin site, O365 admin site and so on). Today, I cannot find a service or site that doesn’t work in Edge. There might be some, of course, but all the services and sites that I need work perfectly in Edge.

Your mileage may vary, but for me each update has only made Edge better. I like it, or rather I love it. According to my tests, it is faster than other browsers and it uses fewer resources. I continue testing other browsers every day, using them as mentioned on a daily basis to access all my AAD and MS accounts. For me, Edge is a reliable, fast browser with smaller footprint, compared to other browsers.

If I was asked to list the top Windows 10 features, in addition to its versatility and ease of use, Microsoft Edge would be in second place, right after OneDrive Files on Demand. Edge has it flaws, too, like any browser or other software. But now, in version 1809 and Insider Preview builds since that, I simply cannot find anything to complain about.

Although the response I am getting is increasingly nasty and tiresome, I will continue using Edge as my default browser and talking about it. I will also continue defending it publicly. I’ll try to remember and understand that most of the “hatred” comes from inexperience, users having used Edge maybe a few minutes before simply deciding they do not like it. For those of us who like Edge, this poses a challenge: we need to find practical examples to show how good it is. And, of course, remain calm when being insulted just because we like Edge. Basically, the fight is similar to the one we Windows 10 fans face when trying to get Windows 7 users to upgrade. We are fighting against inexperienced Windows 10 and Edge users with “I’ve heard that…” and “I think that…” attitudes, people who make up their minds without actual, valid information or experience.

I am not ashamed to admit I am an Edge fan. It makes my browsing really easy and problem free, and it accesses sites and services fast and reliably. You are, of course, entitled to think otherwise, but that’s my opinion, based on long and serious personal experience.



Author: Kari Finn

A former Windows Insider MVP, Kari started in computing in the mid 80’s writing code for VAX / VMS systems. Since then, he’s worked in a variety of IT positions. He specializes in Windows image capture, customization, repair and deployment as well as Hyper-V virtualization. Kari is a proud Team Member at number #1 Windows site TenForums.com.

One Response “Microsoft Edge – If it is so widely disliked, why do I like it?”

  1. Gary McGee
    March 25, 2019 at 01:29

    I too love Edge and use it as my main browser. I have never had any problems with it. I also have firefox ,chrome and opera. But my main browser is Edge. I hate the idea that they are changing it to chromium. For me Edge works the fastest out of any of them. I wish I could use it with my windows 7 and Linux Mint computers.

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