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Insider build 18947 accidentally released to all rings

Checking my Twitter feed today, I noticed some quite worrying tweets from Zac Bowden, a senior editor at Windows Central:

The only reaction from Microsoft’s Windows Insider team has been a Tweet from Dona Sarkar stating that they are looking into what’s happened:

Quoting from Windows Central:

While there are several reports of users seeing the update, we have at least one Insider PC that hasn’t seen the update yet. It’s yet to be seen how many PCs will see this accidental update. If you’re offered build 18947, it’s advisable to pause updates to prevent running into any issues.

I completely agree: if Windows Update offers you this build, pause the updates. It’s not a good idea to install untested builds meant for the Insider team’s internal use only.

There have been quite a few issues with Insider build upgrades lately, as we have reported in other Win10.Guru stories:
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OK, this might be nothing more than a tired team member late at night Redmond time clicking the wrong button. But once again this glitch speaks loudly about the quality (and quality control) for work within this team. The accidentally released canary build was of course pulled back, but against my own advice, I managed to get it and clean install it just in time:

I think I will bite the bullet and, again against my own best interests, try an in-place upgrade next, upgrading my current Insider version. I have fresh Macrium system images available, so I can always restore the “official” Insider version if the accidentally released one causes any issues.

Anyway, mistakes like this should not happen. I hope that the Insider team really finds out what happened, and prevents it from happening again. Better still: they should put safeguards in place to make another such accident impossible!


Author: Kari Finn

A former Windows Insider MVP, Kari started in computing in the mid 80’s writing code for VAX / VMS systems. Since then, he’s worked in a variety of IT positions. He specializes in Windows image capture, customization, repair and deployment as well as Hyper-V virtualization. Kari is a proud Team Member at number #1 Windows site TenForums.com.

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