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September 23, 2020

CU KB4571744 Fixes Disk Defrag/Optimize Issue

Since Version 2004 was released, there’s been a bug in its built-in Defragment and Optimize Drives utility. No matter how recently (or often) you’ve been defragging conventional drives or optimizing (trimming) SSDs, the utility reports either function as “Never run.” This is fixed with the latest Preview CU KB4571744, which takes the Version 2004 Build number to 19041.488. Buried amidst its dozens of fixes and repairs, you’ll find this interesting item:

ms fix report text

Basically, this means you can resume scheduled checks on SSD and HDs for trim level and fragmentation, respectively.
[Click image for full-size view.]

Because the default frequency to run either defragmentation or optimization is weekly, seeing the phrase “Never run” tells savvy Win10 users that what they’re seeing from the buggy version of the utility ain’t necessarily so. And in fact, with the CU installed, and the utility launched and run, you’ll see something much more accurate (and comforting) instead. When this issue first became known, I recommended that admins or users change the settings in this tool to turn off the scheduled checks and defrags or optimizations. Otherwise, this could lead to more drive and SSD wear-and-tear than is strictly necessary (or desirable). Now that it’s fixed, you can turn this back on, with my full concurrence and approval.

All’s Well After the Update

As you can see in the following screenshot, the status for the drive shows the date of the most recent run (today). And when you check it again in a day or two, it will still show that date instead of reverting back to “Never run.” Then, when the scheduled check fires off in a week, it will only optimize or defrag if a target drive needs such action. The buggy version would do it every week, whether the drive needed it or not. Funny thing is that Dev Channel and Beta Channel Insider Preview versions were not subject to this foible. So, if you need a reason to install 4571744 sooner rather than waiting for Patch Tuesday on September 15, this might be a pretty good one. Thus, here’s a link to the Microsoft Catalog page for 4571744. Cheers!

ms fix report text.update applied

With the CU installed, Defragment and Optimize Drives will now remember recent activity. Thus, it’s safe to turn scheduling back on.
[Click image for full-size view.]

Author: Ed Tittel

Ed Tittel is a 30-plus-year computer industry veteran. He’s a Princeton and multiple University of Texas graduate who’s worked in IT since 1981 when he started his first programming job. Over the past three decades he’s also worked as a manager, technical evangelist, consultant, trainer, and an expert witness. See his professional bio for all the details.

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