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Banner from NIeman Labs story about US news unavailable in wake of GDPR

No News Is . . . GDPR’s Fault?!

Nearly three months after Europe’s GDPR goes into effect, more than a thousand US new sites still block access to European users, as a way to sidestep compliance requirements.

Patchwork quilt photo

A Question of Upgrade Cadence

I’ve been following the work of Susan Bradley, often known as “The Patch Lady,” for more than 10 years. I’ve been a subscriber to the Windows Secrets Newsletter for at least that long. And I believe she was already working with Brian Livingston back in the day when he still ran that particular show. Recently,

Rumors Swirl About Microsoft Managed Desktop

Rumors swirl about Microsoft Managed Desktop, an MS lease offering that may combine managed computing devices, the Windows 10 OS, Office 365, and more under a single umbrella, with a single monthly fee.

Automation Brings Scale to IT

One potential secret to IT success is careful and judicious use of automation tools and technologies. But remember: automation is supposed to SAVE time and money, not spend it wildly or wastefully!

First Windows 10 19H1 preview build 18204 released

Microsoft released yesterday (July 25th) two new Insider builds, build 17723 on RS5 Fast Ring and first Skip Ahead build 18204 on 19H1 branch. I must admit the Skip Ahead build was released much earlier than I had expected (read more). At this point, both of the Fast Ring and Skip Ahead builds are identical;

Impending Windows 7 EOL Boosts Windows 10

Given impending end of life for Windows 7 in 2020 and a still-large installed base of Windows 7 devices, that spells opportunity. Recent assessments of PC sales, slightly up for the first time since 2012, confirm this supposition.

Say Yes to Win10 Telemetry

Though you may find Windows 10 telemetry potentially intrusive or a little scary, MS takes steps to anonymize and protect the data it collects. We all benefit in the aggregate from the insights that telemetry can deliver. That’s why I urge all Win10 users to leave it turned on.

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