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September 24, 2020

Windows Telemetry

Ed Bott Looks Back on 5 Years of Windows 10: Me, Too!

Found a fascinating Windows 10 retrospective on ZDNet  yesterday. It’s from my old friend, Ed  Bott. It’s entitled “Windows 10 turns five: Don’t get too comfortable, the rules will change again.” He’s a little off, though: the GA release for Windows 10 occurred on July 29, 2015, while the first Technical Preview for Windows 10

Check Out MS Ignite 2019

The Windows Ignite 2019 conference is underway in Orlando Florida through November 8. Remote viewing of streamed sessions is free, so it’s worth checking things out to see what’s happening. Enjoy!

Toolkit Item: LatencyMon

LatencyMon, from Resplendence Software Projects, describes itself as a “real-time audio suitability checker.” Essentially, the software works by emulating an active audio playback session in Windows Vista (and newer versions, through Windows 10 and Server 2019). While it’s running the program measures various kinds of delays that occur on its host system and reports back

Windows 10, telemetry and groundless paranoia

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a good post on my “virtual home” TenForums.com. The post was refreshing: in it, an unofficial IT support geek for friends and family was questioning his decision to enforce his own Windows policies on those relying on him for assistance and advice. I do not like long quotes,