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July 13, 2020

Windows Insider

Native Boot VHD – One-Click Deployment

I am a huge fan of using native boot virtual hard disks in a dual or multi boot configuration. Deploying Windows to a VHD file and adding it to the boot menu makes things so easy: when the secondary OS is no longer needed, just delete that VHD and remove its boot entry. In an

New channel names for Insider Settings appear

New Insider Release Names Appear in WU

Earlier this month, MS announced new terminology for levels of participation in its Insider program — namely, Dev Channel, Beta Channel and Release Preview Channel. As of June 29, those Channels are now visible, ready for you to tune in!

Dev, Beta and Release Preview channels replace the old ring model for Windows Insiders

MS Changes Insider Program to “Channels”

Out with the old, in with the new: MS is doing away with Ring-based Insider levels (Fast Ring, Slow Ring, Insider Preview) and moving to Insider Channels instead: Dev Channel, Beta Channel and Insider Preview Channel. Be prepared, this will probably show up in Settings soon.

VStudio downloads filtered on Win10 2004

Two New Milestones Fix Upcoming 2004 Release

Microsoft dropped what will likely be its last Insider Preview/Slow Ring release on May 12, along with a raft of Windows 10 2004 downloads to the Visual Studio Subscriptions page. All signs are still “Go!” for the upcoming end-of-month feature upgrade.

lead-in paragraph at Insider Preview download page. Explains edition available.

MS Windows Insider Preview Downloads Page

The Windows Insider Preview Downloads page provides immediate access to Insider Preview downloads for those unwilling or to impatient to wait for Windows Update to offer it to them. Good stuff!

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