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September 24, 2020

Windows Insider

Programs and Features main GUI

Programs and Features Heads for Oblivion?

Ace Windows 10 detective ferrets out a redirect registry key to push Windows 10 users from Control Panel to Settings in the latest Dev Channel release (Build 20211). Other such changes can’t be too far off.

Build 20201 (left) can archive little-used apps, while Build 19041 (right) cannot.

Build 20201 Gets Archive Apps Feature

When Dev Channel Insider Build 20201 appeared earlier this week, it came bearing a new Archive Apps function within Settings/Apps. Keep reading to learn more about this nifty new feature…

Old icon leff in Start menu, new icon right in Store app

Windows Store Icon Confusion

When I read that the new Microsoft Store icon is everywhere, I’m amused to see it in both Start Menu and on the app itself in Insider Previews, but to see the old icon in the Start Menu with the new one on the app in Version 2004. Sigh.

Update history shows 20185 Feature Update

Build 20185 Brings New RDP Hijinks

After upgrading to Dev Channel Build 20185, I am unable to RDP into one my two Dev Channel test machines. A quick trip through my RDP repair checklist, and all is (eventually set to rights). After the last checklist step, of course!

Latest item in update history is dated 7/15/2020

CAB Add-Package Absent from Settings Update History

After using DISM Add-Package to install a Cumulative Update from a CAB file, I find the update is not shown in Settings/Update & Security/Show update history. It does show up in Programs and Features/View installed updates, though.

The new Settings-based Manage Disks and Volumes GUI (image from Windows Latest)

New Build 20175 Settings-based Disk Management Tool

There’s a new (hidden) capability for managing disks and volumes in the Settings app in Build 20175, but I can’t seem to make it work on my Dev Channel test PCs. I’m forked, so to speak (as I explain in detail in this story).

New settings in dark & light background form

Dev Channel Build 20170 Gets New Settings Icon

With the release of Build 20170 to the Dev Channel, the Settings icon gets a new look in Windows 10. The lead-in graphic comes straight from the 20170 announcement blog post, and shows dark and light versions of the new icon.

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