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August 11, 2020

Windows Enterprise Desktop blog

All errors shown come from MTPW updatechecker.exe

Ruminations on Reliability Monitor

Windows Reliability Monitor is actually a special wrapper around its general Performance Monitoring tool Even so, it’s a useful and helpful tool for keeping an eye on Windows PCs, and chasing errors to their causes.

Update history shows 20185 Feature Update

Build 20185 Brings New RDP Hijinks

After upgrading to Dev Channel Build 20185, I am unable to RDP into one my two Dev Channel test machines. A quick trip through my RDP repair checklist, and all is (eventually set to rights). After the last checklist step, of course!

Reset Any Windows Store App Via PowerShell

The new Reset-AppxPackage cmdlet (available in Windows 10 builds 20175 and higher only) makes it dead simple to reset any Windows Store app using its Package Name. I explain (and show) how it’s done.

Shutdown settings in Power Options is the key

Disabling Hibernation Resolves Power-on Mystery

After installing Build 20170 on a test PC, it starts to require the power button to wake from hibernation. The easy fix is to disable hibernation, so that’s what I do. I still can’t find the setting that causes it to hibernate when that’s a possibility, though.

Graphic from MS Azure blog post announcing Azure Stack HCI

Say Hello to Hybrid Cloud Capable Azure Stack HCI

Microsoft’s Azure Stack HCI lets customer run the same Azure software and services on-premises that they already access in the cloud. Depending on what’s required for on-premises hardware — especially if it’s compatible with current generation rack mounted systems — this could shake up the whole HCI marketplace. Only time (and an improved understanding of the details) will tell..

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