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November 27, 2020

Windows 10X

Graphic from Panos Panay's May 4 post.

Panos Panay Meets Accelerating Innovation

Interesting post by Panos Panay on the Windows Insider Program blog yesterday (May 4, 2020). Entitled Accelerating innovation in Windows 10 to meet customers where they are, it’s read-worthy. First, it starts off with an “aw shucks, just happy to be here” intro. Then it recaps the one billion active monthly Windows 10 devices message

Start menu in 10X emulator

First Steps in Fumbling Towards Windows 10X

In today’s blog post, I recite my first steps in fumbling towards Windows 10X. It’s an emulator, and it’s big, and involves jumping over a few hoops to get it up and running. Here goes…

banner page for 2020 MVP Summit

Surprising Success at MVP Summit 2020

Upon the conclusion of the Microsoft MVP Summit 2020, I find myself surprisingly gratified and enriched by my first-ever all-virtual professional conference experience. Stay tuned for all kinds of interesting news to follow, as soon as MS says “Go!”

Future of Windows 10 – A few predictions

Nothing important, posting just for posterity. I want to write down what I see in the future of Windows 10, a few things that I am quite sure will happen. I know that many advanced users and experts share my thoughts, but also that quite many disagree.

Two views of a dual-screen device at the Oct. 2 Surface event in NYC.

Windows 10X: Another Try at Compact Windows 10

Big doings at the Surface event in NYC on October 2 included yet another attempt at a compact, touch-mostly/only version of Windows 10. Think back to Windows R/T and Windows S (multiple iterations). Now, take a look at this Windows Insider Program blog post. It’s entitled “Introducing Windows X: enabling dual-screen PCs in 2020.” The