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July 12, 2020

War Stories

MTPW data recovery window

War Stories: Done Dirty By a Double Whammy

Before I start messing around with my production PC I always make sure I have a current backup. So why am I not surprised that my current backup is now on a drive that itself needs recovery? Sigh.

War Stories – Fighting the hijackers

On Saturday, May 2nd, my virtual friend and fellow Finn Toni sent me an email with a screenshot showing Win10.guru on his mobile device. Automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirecting had somehow been disabled. Worse the only content visible on our home page was some strange ads in Japanese. As we pay for GoDaddy, our hosting

War Stories – Windows Admin Center Preview 1910.2

Last week, Microsoft released an update to the Windows Admin Center 1910 (WAC), bringing its version number to 1910.2. I have been fighting with it ever since, finally giving up on Wednesday night. I had to restore a Macrium image, to get my properly working year-old original 1910 WAC back. I use WAC basically for

War Stories – The Blogger’s Block

This story is as much trivial as it is personal. It has little or nothing to do with IT or Windows. I recommend pressing the browser back button now. As I have posted here earlier, I was quite sick for some time after the holiday season. To start writing again, I felt pressure; Ed had

MS BrightSpot Image

Ed Says: “Thanks for a Great Two Years!”

As I look back at two years at Win10.Guru, I reflect on successes with the Admin Toolkit and DISM series, and somewhat less enthusiasm for news and musings from readers. I resolve to offer more of interest and engagement in 2020. Happy New Year, All!

face on photo of T520 laptop

War Stories: T520 Update Issues Finally Resolved

When I see my Lenovo T520 is stuck at downloading updates, I try — and fail — to reset WU so I can try again. Catch-22! I fix it with a reboot and a disabled NIC. WU reset works, and updates begin flowing again.

War Stories: The Case of the Persistent Device Driver

When it comes to keeping device drivers up-to-date, life with Windows 10 is always interesting. Lately, I’ve found myself in such circumstances with one of my two Lenovo X380 Yoga laptops. Lenovo’s System Update facility (now integrated in the Lenovo Vantage app) shows I need to install an Intel driver on the Fast Ring (Build

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