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July 6, 2020


20H2 shows up in Winver

MS Uses 20H2 as Official Version Label

The yyHn label for Windows 10 versions goes official as 20H2 for the upcoming Insider programs Beta Channel release (aka Build 19042.330). All hail Windows 10, version 20H2.

Optimize drives may show system/boot as never optimized

2004 Upgrade Resets Drive Optimization

After you upgrade to 2004, check PC’s drive optimization status in the Optimize Drives utility. You may need to re-trim or degrag one or more drives reported as “Never run.”

Conclusion of Win10 Update Assistant: Thanks!

Windows 10 May 2020 Update Now Out

[Note: this item was originally posted on May 28. Issues with WordPress for Win10.Guru helped it “get lost” so it’s being reposted now just to make the record complete.] It was with some interest and enthusiasm that I got the word on May 27 that Windows 10 2004 had gone public. Also known as Windows

MS BrightSpot image: fading foliage

Windows 10 2004 Deprecations and Removals

With each new Feature Upgrade, MS retires some features (called removals). It also signals features scheduled for later removal (called deprecations). Here are the lists for both kinds of items for Windows 10 Version 2004, released earlier this week.

2004 starts out with 10 known issues

For Win10 2004, A Big List of Known Issues Appears

Windows 10 Version 2004 gets off to an interesting start with 10 (yes, that’s TEN) issues on its “Known Issues” list. This will explain why many people won’t get an offer to upgrade from WU for a while. That’s OK: you have multiple ways to force the upgrade, if you want to.

VStudio downloads filtered on Win10 2004

Two New Milestones Fix Upcoming 2004 Release

Microsoft dropped what will likely be its last Insider Preview/Slow Ring release on May 12, along with a raft of Windows 10 2004 downloads to the Visual Studio Subscriptions page. All signs are still “Go!” for the upcoming end-of-month feature upgrade.

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