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September 24, 2020


Programs and Features main GUI

Programs and Features Heads for Oblivion?

Ace Windows 10 detective ferrets out a redirect registry key to push Windows 10 users from Control Panel to Settings in the latest Dev Channel release (Build 20211). Other such changes can’t be too far off.

Office download settings show new channel names

New Names for Microsoft 365 Update Channels

MS has introduced new names for Office update channels. These now include a Beta Channel (early adopters), Current Channel (and Preview version), and Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (and Preview version). You’ve been warned!

Note the dxgkrnl in the bucket ID.

Beware Intel DCH Upgrades on Non-DCH Drivers

OK then: I have to thank one of our eagle-eyed readers. On April 29, I posted that you can now forcibly upgrade your Intel GPU drivers for 6th generation processors and newer. I also reported that such drivers wouldn’t over-write OEM customizations, either. As it turns out, I was ALMOST right. There is a catch:

Hyper-V – Optimizing Virtual Machines

Running Windows on a Hyper-V virtual machine can naturally never be as fast as that same version of Windows on host machine’s real physical hardware. However, by tweaking virtual machine settings, you can greatly impact the speed and functionality of a virtual machine. As a Hyper-V enthusiast, I want to share my tips for making

Videos on Win10.guru

Today we will start a new section here at Win10.guru. In the past, I have made some heavily TenForums.com branded videos and posted them to my YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/KariTheFinn). I joined SevenForums.com, the sister site of TenForums.com, 10 years ago. Since then, I have regarded these forums as my virtual home. I am to the