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September 25, 2020


Jensen JTK-49CBR toolkit

Ed’s Physical Admin Toolkit

I examine my spares, test/replacement gear, and tool, then report on what I find. You might put yourself a similar collection together, to keep ahead of Windows gotchas.

The key phrase that identifies the buggy utility is "Never run"

CU KB4571744 Fixes Disk Defrag/Optimize Issue

Since Version 2004 went public in May, Defragment and Optimize drives has suffered from a bug that caused it to lose its memory of recent actions, checks, and optimizations/defrags. Happily, KB4571744 fixes that properly.

Settings-based disk management crash info on Lenovo X380 Yoga

Build 20197 Brings New Disk Management UI … On Some PCs

With Dev Channel Build 20197 the new “Managed Disks and Volumes” facility in settings is supposed to work. I can’t tell if it’s broken or not, because I tweaked the OS earlier to try (unsuccessfully) to turn on this feature in July. Repairs will be needed!

The Sandbox desktop shows an Activate Windows watermark at lower right

Win10 Sandbox Still Shows Activate Windows Watermark

The Windows 10 Sandbox remains a fleeting, transitory and evanescent way to try out Windows 10 software and capabilities. Thus, it still can’t be updated or activated, by deliberate design. Here are some further observations on this topic…

Whereas DevMgr Driver Update used to search the Internet, it does so no longer

Windows 10 Changes Driver Search Scope in DevMgr

A subtle change in wording in the “Search automatically for drivers” dialog box in Device Manager reveals an interesting change in MS driver search tactics: DevMgr will no longer search the Internet for new device drivers on your behalf as of Build 19041.423.

With an incept date of 2012, it's no suprrise Lenovo doesn't sell T520s anymore

2012 Vintage Lenovo T520 Nears Retirement

When I wake up my old Lenovo T520 this morning, I get a black screen after trying to login. I use a pair of hotkey sequences that not only give me a working display. I’m also able to capture black screen error info for my first time ever. Woo hoo!

All errors shown come from MTPW updatechecker.exe

Ruminations on Reliability Monitor

Windows Reliability Monitor is actually a special wrapper around its general Performance Monitoring tool Even so, it’s a useful and helpful tool for keeping an eye on Windows PCs, and chasing errors to their causes.

Toshiba Logo

Toshiba Leaves PC Market

I got a twinge of nostalgia reading reports that Toshiba is leaving the laptop market. I’ve carried and used a few of their laptops, so I share some recollections and ruminations here.

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