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November 27, 2020


NirSoft NetBScanner helps me keep up.

War Story: Wandering Network Printer IP Address

Every now and then, I’ll send a print job off on my production desktop that goes to an application (today, it was Snagit) instead of target printer. When that happens, I know it’s time to reset the default printer using its new IP address. Let me explain. . .

Even on a nearly 9-year-old laptop, Lenovo Vantage still does its thing.

Where Laptop OEMs Truly Add Value

It’s true one has to wait a while for OEMs to obtain, test and sometimes tweak device drivers, firmware, and BIOS/UEFI updates before making them available to users of their laptops and PCs. But some such offerings go on for a surprisingly long time, and are of exceptionally good quality. Read the deets…

It took three tries before this Dev Channel install updated to minor build 1005.

Interesting Issues Getting Dev Channel to Build 1005

Weird! Though Reliability Monitor tells me my first two update attempts with KB4586238 succeeded, the minor build number fails to increment. Only after running the Update Troubleshooter and trying again, does the build increase to 20231.1005. Truly, third time’s the charm!

typical modern Win10 sys/boot disk layout

NVMe Replacement: Cloning vs. Backup Restore

When it comes to swapping an older (usually smaller) NVMe boot/system drive for a newer (usually bigger and faster) one, you can either clone the old drive, or restore an image backup from the old drive to the new one. Deets on pros and cons and choices in this story.

When MS offers optional updates the best response is often a polite "No thanks."

Optional Driver Updates: If It Ain’t Broke…

When Windows Update offers Optional updates, those are most often categorized as “Driver updates.” Unless a related device isn’t working well or has a definite problem, the proper response to such offers is to ignore them.

I found the error message "failed to load any Thunderbolt devices" counterfactual

Lenovo Support Helps with Mystery Thunderbolt Error

When mysterious command windows appearing at startup tie into repeated failures to upgrade Thunderbolt firmware for bogus reasons, I start looking for answers. When I find them, they fit nicely my usual strategy for misbehaving exe files: delete them!

Cloud download (top) vs. Local reinstall (bottom) now working

Version 2004 Reset Back in Action

Good news! While the “Reset this PC” option in Windows 10 version 2004 was broken for some time after its May 27 release, on or after September 8 it’s working properly once again. Glad to see it’s been fixed.

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