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October 21, 2020


Wifinian shows active known Wi-Fi in blue, inactive in black.

Toolkit Item: Wifinian Wi-Fi Utility

This Admin Toolkit item is named Wifinian. It’s a Github open source project, costs nothing, and provides useful immediate control over Windows 10 Wi-Fi networking.

Jensen JTK-49CBR toolkit

Ed’s Physical Admin Toolkit

I examine my spares, test/replacement gear, and tools, then report on what I find. You might put yourself a similar collection together, to keep ahead of Windows gotchas.

Can't turn write caching on for ADATA UFD

No Write Caching for (Some) Ventoy UFDs

In checking performance options for Ventoy UFDs, I learn that my current choice doesn’t support write caching. This leads me to investigate best options for Ventoy media. I settle on a Sabrent NVMe USB-C/3.1 enclosure with a cheap-o 256 GB NVMe M.2. Deets supplied!

Ventoy2Disk shows V.1.0.20 in the package, and V1.0.19 on the USB, ready for update.

Admin Toolkit: Ventoy V1.0.20 Download Available

One week ago, the latest version of the terrific bootable USB installer tool Ventoy became available for download. I’m talking about V1.0.20 taking up position as the Ventoy “Latest Release” on GitHub. To update an already-installed copy, unZip the download into some target directory and plug in your Ventory USB device. Then, run the Ventoy2Disk.exe

WizTree treemap for C: drive

Toolkit Item: WizTree

Because WinDirStat hasn’t been updated since 2016, I’m forced to de-list it from my Administrator’s Toolkit collection. I’m replacing it with the excellent (and quite similar) WizTree instead (most recent update: May 2020). ‘Nuff said.

Ventoy2Disk.exe ready for update toV1.0.19

Admin Toolkit: Ventoy V1.0.19 Download Available

Last Friday, August 14, a new version of Ventoy V1.0.19 was released. If you already have it installed, upgrade to this version. If you don’t have it installed yet, rest assured that dedicated a USB Flash Drive to this tool is definitely worth doing.

WinDirStat left, TreeSize Free right

Evaluating Software by Maintenance Effort

When I read on Tenforums that a respected active member recommends TreeSize Free over WinDirStat because the former still gets regular updates, and the latter hasn’t been touched since 2016, I have to reconsider my preferences and recommendations. Sigh.

Ventoy vesion 1.0.15 adds GPT partition support

Ventoy 1.0.15 Adds GPT Support and More

The amazing Ventoy bootable installer tool version 1.0.15 got released to GitHub on July 9, 2020. You’ll want to grab a copy at your earliest convenience. This release can build a GPT formatted environment, with its usual tiny boot partition (32 MB FAT EFI VTOYEFI partition) and use the rest of the media for a

Software Bundling Rears Its Ugly Head . . . Again!

Eeek! I run into bundleware on two familiar programs, both included in the Win10.Guru Admin Toolkit. I’ll keep MiniTool Partition Wizard with a warning, but I’m dropping CCleaner from that collection for what I hope are good reasons.

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