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March 31, 2020


Subscribers have spoken

Last week, Win10.Guru sent out a subscriber survey. We asked you how often you would like to get notification emails from us about new content. Of those who voted (23 subscribers), a substantial majority (18 or 78%) voted in for immediate notification. What that means is that after today’s weekly notification email you receive later

A Subscriber Survey

As we told you geeks earlier, we want to listen to you, and change our new post notification policy according to your preferences. Your opinion is important to us. To be sure we are on the same page, please take this simple one question survey. It will only take you a second or two to

Open letter to our Subscribers

Dear Win10.guru subscribers, our esteemed geeks: So far, the only negative feedback we have received about this site has been that we’ve sent too many emails on a couple of occasions. The only emails we will send, and the only way we will ever use your email address, is to send notifications about new content.