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August 14, 2020


Win10.guru was attacked again – What a fight!

A week ago, on Friday, July 10, one of our readers informed us that when accessing Win10.guru, he was shown a fake “Adobe Flash Player requires an update” message. From there, it took most of the week to get all the issues flushed out and resolved.

Network status should likely say "private"

Typical Post-Upgrade Networking Checks and Repairs

If you work on a (usually small) private network, and RDP, file sharing, or device sharing quits working (or works only intermittently) after a Windows 10 feature upgrade, here are some tried-and-true fixes to restore things to working order.

Sercher5.biz: cute robots, bad intent

Sercher5.biz Adware Bites Me

While distracted doing too many things at once, I allow an adware site to send “notifications.” I am very soon sorry, and almost immediately learn how to block a recurrence. Sigh.

War Stories – Fighting the hijackers

On Saturday, May 2nd, my virtual friend and fellow Finn Toni sent me an email with a screenshot showing Win10.guru on his mobile device. Automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirecting had somehow been disabled. Worse the only content visible on our home page was some strange ads in Japanese. As we pay for GoDaddy, our hosting


Minor Mystery Affects Servicing Stack Updates

When I learn that a Servicing Stack Update (SSU) shipped alongside the latest Cumulative Update for Update/Patch Tuesday, I can’t find it in Settings/Update & Security/Update History. Turns out you must dive into Control Panel instead… Who knew?

Some Alerts Alarm But Others Do Not.taskmanager

Some Alerts Alarm But Others Do Not

When I say that some alerts alarm but others do not, I mean that some alerts from monitoring and security tools are routine and should be ignored. The key lies in understanding which ones to skip, and which ones to take seriously.

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