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September 23, 2020


Windows.old folder – Essential or unnecessary?

The one and only purpose of Windows.old folder is to allow user to revert to previous Windows version. The folder will be automatically deleted, if user does not revert in 10 days following either a public release version upgrade, or Insider build upgrade. Personally, I have never understood its existence, and will remove it always

Ventoy2Disk shows V.1.0.20 in the package, and V1.0.19 on the USB, ready for update.

Admin Toolkit: Ventoy V1.0.20 Download Available

One week ago, the latest version of the terrific bootable USB installer tool Ventoy became available for download. I’m talking about V1.0.20 taking up position as the Ventoy “Latest Release” on GitHub. To update an already-installed copy, unZip the download into some target directory and plug in your Ventory USB device. Then, run the Ventoy2Disk.exe

With an incept date of 2012, it's no suprrise Lenovo doesn't sell T520s anymore

2012 Vintage Lenovo T520 Nears Retirement

When I wake up my old Lenovo T520 this morning, I get a black screen after trying to login. I use a pair of hotkey sequences that not only give me a working display. I’m also able to capture black screen error info for my first time ever. Woo hoo!

MTPW is recovering my backups and the disk structure

War Story: Interesting SSD Recovery Battle

When I fire up my Lenovo X380 Yoga test machine this morning, I quickly realize that my backup drive is MIA. A quick investigation shows corrupt partition data, being recovered in MiniTool Partition Wizard’s Data Recovery tool right now.

1909 has Fresh Start, 2004 does not

Version 2004 Changes Recovery Options

In a welcome effort to reduce the number of Windows 10 reset, refresh and reinstall options, MS does away with “Fresh Start” in Version 2004, and directs users to “Reset this PC” instead. Good move!

MTPW data recovery window

War Stories: Done Dirty By a Double Whammy

Before I start messing around with my production PC I always make sure I have a current backup. So why am I not surprised that my current backup is now on a drive that itself needs recovery? Sigh.

Example of a bitlocker recovery screen

Secure Boot and BitLocker Recovery Mode

On systems with Secure Boot enabled and BitLocker encrypted system boot drives, it’s necessary to turn off Secure Boot to start up from alternate media (like a USB Flash drive). When that’s over and done with, you have to turn Secure Boot back on to avoid being forced to enter the 40-charactrer BitLocker key. Sigh.

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