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July 12, 2020


Native Boot VHD – One-Click Deployment

I am a huge fan of using native boot virtual hard disks in a dual or multi boot configuration. Deploying Windows to a VHD file and adding it to the boot menu makes things so easy: when the secondary OS is no longer needed, just delete that VHD and remove its boot entry. In an

How to start with PowerShell ISE

I am a fan of PowerShell, using it in most of my computer management. Unfortunately, some of the PowerShell users have not realized how magnificent tool the PowerShell ISE is. ISE is short of Integrated Scripting Environment, a “power tool” build in to PowerShell. A few years ago, I made this short video to show

The All Apps page at Winstall.app now features 427 items

The Incredible Upsurge of Winstall.app

Within two days of the release of the Windows Package Manager at Build 2020, Mehedi Hassan stood up a website to automate its use. Starting with a baseline of 242 apps for which install scripts can be auto-generated, the site’s baseline is up to 427. Amazing!

Windows Package Manager Worth a Look

The new Windows Package Manager (available through the MS Store, GitHub, and other means) makes it super-fast and easy to manage applications at the command line. Check it out!

Install Terminal 1.0 using winget

MS Releases Terminal 1.0 at Build 2020

At this year’s Build 2020, Microsoft rolled out its first production version of Windows Terminal. You heard right: Windows Terminal 1.0 is ready for download, through the MS Store, GitHub, or the new winget package manager. Cheers!

Hyper-V – Create shortcut for virtual machine

It’s easy and convenient to start and stop a Hyper-V virtual machine from a PowerShell script. Only three command lines are required: start the VM, launch Virtual Machine Connection window, and when the VM Connection is closed, shut down the VM. It is one of the shortest PS scripts I use. Thus, for example, the

War Stories – The Blogger’s Block

This story is as much trivial as it is personal. It has little or nothing to do with IT or Windows. I recommend pressing the browser back button now. As I have posted here earlier, I was quite sick for some time after the holiday season. To start writing again, I felt pressure; Ed had

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