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March 29, 2020


Hyper-V – Create shortcut for virtual machine

It’s easy and convenient to start and stop a Hyper-V virtual machine from a PowerShell script. Only three command lines are required: start the VM, launch Virtual Machine Connection window, and when the VM Connection is closed, shut down the VM. It is one of the shortest PS scripts I use. Thus, for example, the

War Stories – The Blogger’s Block

This story is as much trivial as it is personal. It has little or nothing to do with IT or Windows. I recommend pressing the browser back button now. As I have posted here earlier, I was quite sick for some time after the holiday season. To start writing again, I felt pressure; Ed had

Use PowerShell to update and upgrade Windows 10

There’s basically nothing wrong in using Windows Settings app for Windows Update, but in my opinion it lacks some update management features. I have used for a few years already a PowerShell module PSWindowsUpdate instead, to manage Windows Update. In this article, I will show how to use PowerShell instead of Windows Settings to manage

PowerShell – Change file and folder timestamps

All files and folders in Windows have three different timestamps: Date Created, Date Accessed, and Date Modified. Timestamps are stored in variables named CreationTime, LastAccessTime and LastWriteTime. As variables, they can be edited and changed. I copied a few files and folders to a folder named Demo to show how to do this. Let’s first

Working with WinRE in Windows 10

Working with WinRE in Windows 10, I learn that recovery media is a snapshotting mechanism that will restore your system to its state when the snapshot was made. I can do better than that, with Macrium Reflect.

General settings for MS PowerToys.

Getting Into PowerToys

Learning that there’s a new shortcut key item in the PowerToys collection, I quickly realize I need to learn how to drive the UI before I can do anything useful. Sigh.

PowerShell ISE – PS on steroids

Always when talking with PowerShell users, I am surprised to learn how only few of them are using the PowerShell ISE version. For me, it belongs to my favorite native Windows tools, because it’s a flexible and versatile front-end for PowerShell. The following quotation comes from the official Microsoft PowerShell ISE documentation: The Windows PowerShell

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