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Windows 10 versioning – Time to rethink?

I had an interesting chat with a fellow Windows 10 enthusiast and a close friend of mine yesterday. We conversed about the Windows 10 version 1803 release date and Windows versioning in general. My friend said he expected 1803 to be released within the next ten days. In my abrupt style, I told him he

Day 1: MVP Global Summit 2018

For me, sitting in a keynote session yesterday  (where MVPs congregate irrespective of specialty) and seeing that the majority of attendees came from outside the USA may have been the coolest moment of the conference so far. This is a truly global organization, and includes heavy representation from all over the planet at the event.

MVP Summit 2018: Day 0

The pre-show day at the MVP Summit 2018: Day 0 delivers unexpected information, insights, and value. Looks like this is going to be a great conference!

Microsoft is listening

Last week I got an email from Rupi Sureshkumar, who works as a Program Manager at Microsoft. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is “focused on understanding the voice of Office 365 customers“. Rupi asked if I would be interested in a Skype meeting with her about Office 365 and Microsoft 365. Of course, I

Secure Windows on a Secure Device

Recently my partner Ed and I posted about Microsoft’s hardware requirements for optimal security on Search Enterprise Desktop, a TechTarget site. Our conclusion, in brief, was that Microsoft’s goal seems to be to get enterprise customers to use Windows 10 S edition on secure devices from partner manufacturers (Dell, HP, Lenovo et al), along with

Flash – Why do we still use it?

The title is meant to be taken as a rhetorical question. No answer is required, nor is one really expected. Most of us know this story far too well already… Just at the end of last week, we learned about yet another Flash vulnerability. For those details, which revolve around embedded Flash components in Office

This is wrong, Microsoft: Built-in Admin as MSA

In Windows 10 versions 1703 and earlier, it was impossible to associate the built-in administrator account with a Microsoft account. It was also not possible to run any UWP apps except Settings apps when signed in as the built-in administrator. Version 1709 changed this: it is now possible to use UWP apps with the built-in admin

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