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May 2019 Update Shows Improved Installer

When I decide to forcibly upgrade a couple of PCs to the May 2019 Update, I experience first-hand that the latest installer is much more resilient and robust, as it stands up to and overcomes multiple failures.

Windows and Office support – MS, you have a problem

First, this post represents my personal and subjective opinion. It is by no means an official fact-based statement. Everything in this post should be taken as an opinion by a dissatisfied user and customer, nothing else. OK, to the matter in question: Yesterday, I noticed a tweet by Barry Dorrans. What makes this tweet notable

UEFI Secure Boot Ins and Outs

Because Secure Boot blocks unrecognized software elements from loading during the boot process (before Windows starts running), it may interfere when you’re installing or updating boot-related software, firmware or drivers.

PowerToys Returning to Windows 10

Last week, Ms unveiled a GitHub repository named PowerToys. Though that repository has no releases just yet, the overview mentions (and links to) the Windows 95 era PowerToys project (Wikipedia), and announces a planned reboot for later this year (Summer 2019). First in the planned series of upcoming PowerToys rebooted will be: + Maximize to

Intel Discloses Another Serious Chip-Level Vulnerability

At the outset of 2018, the Windows community reeled in the wake of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. Recently, Intel has disclosed a new set of chip-level vulnerabilities. On May 14, the company published a support bulletin entitled “Side Channel Vulnerability Microarchitectural Data Sampling.” According to many security experts and Windows watchers — see this

Working with Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE)

There’s another version of Windows 10 that’s always around, different from the base version you boot when you fire up the normal operating system. It’s somewhat misleadingly called the Windows Preinstallation Environment. And indeed, it does provide a basic runtime environment during Windows installation that takes over from the primary OS when a new OS

Windows 10: An Always-Moving Target

I had an interesting interaction with Kari today. I found myself trying to get around a problem in remoting into one Skip Ahead Insider Preview PC from another PC running the same OS. No problems getting from other Windows builds into the target PC. Only problems getting from one Skippy PC to another (see my

Microsoft Account vs. Local Account – Why not both?

One question I get asked surprisingly often is which account users should choose as their primary Windows sign-in account? A Microsoft Account, or a local account? They both have their pros and cons, offering two different ways to manage user accounts on private computers. In this post I will go through what each account type

What’s up, Windows Insider team?

One skill that the Windows Insider team still needs to learn is communicating with Insiders. When they have issues, as is once again true for Insider builds, the Insiders are left hanging without any information about what’s happening. The last piece of relevant information in this particular case is from 10 days ago, Tuesday last

Toolkit Item: Code Writer

When it comes to Windows management, network administration, deployment and other computing stuff, I want to do as much as possible using built-in Windows tools and utilities. As I have often said, I use no third party optimizers, tweakers, downloaders, cleaners and other snake oil stuff. For me, the main principle in Windows management and

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