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September 24, 2020


Asus AX6000 802.11ax device

War Stories: Wi-Fi Router MIA

When a thunderstorm throws a power fault here earlier this week, it takes me a while to realize that my office Wi-Fi box is MIA. I explain how I finally figured things out, and returned them to working order.

Graphic from MS Azure blog post announcing Azure Stack HCI

Say Hello to Hybrid Cloud Capable Azure Stack HCI

Microsoft’s Azure Stack HCI lets customer run the same Azure software and services on-premises that they already access in the cloud. Depending on what’s required for on-premises hardware — especially if it’s compatible with current generation rack mounted systems — this could shake up the whole HCI marketplace. Only time (and an improved understanding of the details) will tell..

Thunderbolt logo (TM)

More Mysterious Thunderbolt Magic

I find myself investigating another Thunderbolt mystery. Even though it doesn’t appear in the built-in Windows “Safely remove…” tool, you must eject all Thunderbolt attached devices before unplugging a Thunderbolt dock. Otherwise, you’ll have to restart your PC the next time you plug Thunderbolt back in.

Thunderbolt Software utility shows the dock, but not much else.

Mysterious Magical Thunderbolt Devices

Thunderbolt is present and working on my Lenovo X380 Yoga laptop. But I can’t find a way to map all the connections it supports, and the devices I might plug into a Thunderbolt dock. Magical and mysterious, indeed!

ISP speed left; external speed right

Internet Speeds Can Be Tricky

Measuring and determining Internet access speeds can be interesting, and are often inconsistent. Here I explore two views of max speeds, and the handful of things users can do to achieve a faster Internet experience. Warning: most cost money.

Network status should likely say "private"

Typical Post-Upgrade Networking Checks and Repairs

If you work on a (usually small) private network, and RDP, file sharing, or device sharing quits working (or works only intermittently) after a Windows 10 feature upgrade, here are some tried-and-true fixes to restore things to working order.

page head info for MS SMB1 Product Clearinghouse web page

SMB1: The Zombie Protocol That WILL NOT DIE

SMB, or server message block, is a simple and easy-to-implement networking protocol. The first version, SMB1, has been around since 1983. It’s now outdated, insecure, and unsuited for modern network use. But it just keeps chuggin’ along anway.

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