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August 13, 2020

Kari’s Blog

Using Route command to bypass VPN

My best guess is that I use a VPN connection at least two thirds of the time I am online. I usually have no issues in accessing any website or service. But, there’s an exception: I have two local services here in my adopted home country of Germany: one governmental and one private, that only

War Stories – Windows Admin Center Preview 1910.2

Last week, Microsoft released an update to the Windows Admin Center 1910 (WAC), bringing its version number to 1910.2. I have been fighting with it ever since, finally giving up on Wednesday night. I had to restore a Macrium image, to get my properly working year-old original 1910 WAC back. I use WAC basically for

War Stories – The Blogger’s Block

This story is as much trivial as it is personal. It has little or nothing to do with IT or Windows. I recommend pressing the browser back button now. As I have posted here earlier, I was quite sick for some time after the holiday season. To start writing again, I felt pressure; Ed had

Clean reinstall Windows – How I am doing it

A few weeks ago, I wrote some short and simple instructions to prepare for a  clean Windows 10 reinstall. Now it’s time to follow my own advice, I really must reinstall Windows on my laptop to get rid of unwanted files and folders, free up storage space, and make the system work without glitches. I’ve

Insider team still without leader

Dona Sarkar, the former Windows Insider team lead moved to a new position five months ago. Here’s some commentary from Eran Megiddo, Corporate Vice President, Windows and Education, on the Insider blog (October 7, 2019) about this personnel change: Currently, we are conducting a search for a new leader of the Windows Insider Program. In

Notice Anything Missing Lately?

I thought it might be a good idea to tell you geeks why I have been so quiet lately, and not writing much of anything.The reason is simple: the health issues of a middle-aged man. I suffer from Ménière’s disease: Ménière’s disease (MD) is a disorder of the inner ear that is characterized by episodes

Windows 10 clean reinstall – How to prepare

Here’s a personal opinion: It’s a good idea every now and then to start from scratch, and clean reinstall Windows 10. This presents an often-welcome chance to fully clean your system and get rid of all the junk bloating it. The Windows 10 Reset feature basically does the same thing — namely, reset Windows to

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