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August 18, 2022

Kari’s Blog

Weird! Office 365 disappears after each dev channel upgrade

A month ago, I wrote about a strange issue with Office. It occasionally disappeared, was sometimes uninstalled after an Insider build upgrade. When I was last writing about this, it had happened three times out of five previous Dev Channel build upgrades. Find the whole story here: Windows Insider Dev Channel and Office 365 Can’t

Hyper-V – Use VM as Sandbox

A Windows Sandbox Environmet on steroids: use a Hyper-V Sandbox virtual machine as Windows Sanbox. This post will show you how.

Interesting PowerShell Cmdlet Weirdnesses

I do a lot Windows image customization. When customizing an offline Windows image, I usually want to add drivers and Windows updates to it, and enable optional Windows features. I’ll do all of these things using my own, custom PowerShell scripts. But for a few months now, three of the cmdlets I regularly use have

Win10.guru was attacked again – What a fight!

A week ago, on Friday, July 10, one of our readers informed us that when accessing Win10.guru, he was shown a fake “Adobe Flash Player requires an update” message. From there, it took most of the week to get all the issues flushed out and resolved.

Assisting users with non-English Windows 10

When assisting Windows 10 users, regardless  of whatever localized language version they are using, it’s good to remember that core Windows is always in English. That includes all system folder names, all native Windows applications and all tools. Localized folders, for instance in the user profile are in fact not folders but rather, they are

Sync multiple private OneDrive accounts on one PC

One problem with OneDrive Personal is that you can only sync one account. You can have multiple OneDrive for Business accounts synced on one PC, but only one personal OneDrive. The screenshot below shows File Explorer of this laptop I am using at the moment, it has two OneDrive for Business accounts synced (yellow highlight),

How to start with PowerShell ISE

I am a fan of PowerShell, using it in most of my computer management. Unfortunately, some of the PowerShell users have not realized how magnificent tool the PowerShell ISE is. ISE is short of Integrated Scripting Environment, a “power tool” build in to PowerShell. A few years ago, I made this short video to show

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