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Windows Upgrade – Fix to try when everything else fails

Upgrade attempts to tonight’s new Insider Build 19546 failed twice when using Windows Update. Next, I tried upgrade using an ISO image made with UUP Dump. It failed, too. I am already used to working through various issues with Insider upgrades, and have some routine preparations I’ll make every time before starting. These include: disconnect – Year 3

The end of the 2019-2020 holiday season marks the start of our third year here at Win10.Guru. I want to thank all our subscribers, readers and my Guru partner Ed Tittel for those first two years. Thanks a lot, in fact! It all started five years ago when I had an idea for a website

Me and Windows Phone – Until Death Do Us Part

An overly dramatic title, I know, but I mean it. My smartphone is and will be a Nokia Lumia 925, running Windows Phone 8.1, until one of us stops working, until the end of one of us .It simply is the best smartphone I have seen, used or tested. Responsive, versatile operating system, fast and

PowerShell ISE – PS on steroids

Always when talking with PowerShell users, I am surprised to learn how only few of them are using the PowerShell ISE version. For me, it belongs to my favorite native Windows tools, because it’s a flexible and versatile front-end for PowerShell. The following quotation comes from the official Microsoft PowerShell ISE documentation: The Windows PowerShell

Future of Windows 10 – A few predictions

Nothing important, posting just for posterity. I want to write down what I see in the future of Windows 10, a few things that I am quite sure will happen. I know that many advanced users and experts share my thoughts, but also that quite many disagree.

Very strange firmware update on HP laptop

Late last night, just after upgrading to Insider Fast Ring build 19025, Windows Update on my HP ProBook 470 G5 laptop (see title image) told me an HP Firmware update was ready, awaiting a restart to install it. I clicked Restart, not worried at all because all previous firmware updates had worked without any issues

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