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September 24, 2020

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Winver output for current 20H2 build

Windows 10 20H2 Commercial Pre-release Validation Available

The actual title of the Microsoft Tech Community blog post on this topic, dated August 20, is Windows 10, version 20H2 available for commercial pre-release validation. Come again? This apparently means that the up-and-coming feature update — namely 20H2 — “is now available for commercial customers to begin feature exploration and validation prior to being

New channel names for Insider Settings appear

New Insider Release Names Appear in WU

Earlier this month, MS announced new terminology for levels of participation in its Insider program — namely, Dev Channel, Beta Channel and Release Preview Channel. As of June 29, those Channels are now visible, ready for you to tune in!

20H2 shows up in Winver

MS Uses 20H2 as Official Version Label

The yyHn label for Windows 10 versions goes official as 20H2 for the upcoming Insider programs Beta Channel release (aka Build 19042.330). All hail Windows 10, version 20H2.

Dev, Beta and Release Preview channels replace the old ring model for Windows Insiders

MS Changes Insider Program to “Channels”

Out with the old, in with the new: MS is doing away with Ring-based Insider levels (Fast Ring, Slow Ring, Insider Preview) and moving to Insider Channels instead: Dev Channel, Beta Channel and Insider Preview Channel. Be prepared, this will probably show up in Settings soon.

New Insider team lead: “I’ll be behind the scenes a little more than past leaders”

Amanda Langowski, Microsoft’s new Windows Insider team lead, presents herself in an Windows Insider blog post entitled Moving the Windows Insider Program forward, published yesterday. After a period of uncertainty and even some disappointments, on a personal level I feel good. Amanda’s communication skills seem to be quite strong. Her post shows that she has

Windows Insider Program Celebrating 5th Anniversary

On September 30, 2014, Terry Myerson, who was then Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, announced the birth of Windows 10 and the Windows Insider Program. On the very next day, October 1, the first-ever public preview of Windows 10: Technical Preview build 9841 was released. A lot has changed

Insider Upgrade issues – What’s going on, Insider Team?

Over the past few months, Windows Insider Fast Ring upgrades have been almost exclusively bug fixes. Thus, it would have been easy to deliver them through cumulative updates instead of full feature upgrades. That’s because the 20H1 Insider builds have contained practically no new features. What makes this problematic is that at the same time,

Create a Macrium Reflect Rescue Partition

Macrium Reflect is my chosen solution for backing up Windows operating systems. Your mileage might vary, and you might prefer another third-party solution. But for me, having tested most available products, Reflect is the one I rely on. After a clean install of Windows, having installed Reflect, I always create a small bootable Macrium Reflect

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