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First Windows 10 19H1 preview build 18204 released

Microsoft released yesterday (July 25th) two new Insider builds, build 17723 on RS5 Fast Ring and first Skip Ahead build 18204 on 19H1 branch. I must admit the Skip Ahead build was released much earlier than I had expected (read more). At this point, both of the Fast Ring and Skip Ahead builds are identical;

New Microsoft Edge Group Policies and MDM settings

Windows Insider Build 17718, which will most probably be released later today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday) will add new Microsoft Edge group policies and MDM settings. These new policies allow IT admins to enable or disable full screen mode in Edge, in its printing and favorites bars, just to mention a few new settings. All

How I lost my Windows Insider MVP Award

As of Sunday, July 1st 2018, I am no longer a Windows Insider MVP. Funny thing is, it has been clear already for over 10 months. The reason is simple: I committed a cardinal sin and openly criticized the Windows Insider program. That is, as an MVP team lead made clear to me in a

Olympia Corp – Enroll

For general information about Olympia Corp and the Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise, please read our companion post: https://win10.guru/olympia-windows-insider-lab-for-enterprise/ When you get an email from olympia@microsoft.com with Olympia Corp login credentials, you can choose to use your current Windows 10 PRO or Enterprise setup or install a new image for dual boot on a physical

Olympia – Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise

Quoting Microsoft: Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise Program is intended for Windows Insiders who want to try new experimental and pre-release Enterprise features. To get the complete experience of these Enterprise features, Olympia Corp, a virtual corporation has been set up to reflect the IT infrastructure of a real world business. As an enthusiastic Windows

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