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July 16, 2020


New settings in dark & light background form

Dev Channel Build 20170 Gets New Settings Icon

With the release of Build 20170 to the Dev Channel, the Settings icon gets a new look in Windows 10. The lead-in graphic comes straight from the 20170 announcement blog post, and shows dark and light versions of the new icon.

Old style RDC left, new RDapp right

Remote Desktop Connection vs. Remote Desktop App

Once upon a time I had good reasons to prefer the old Remote Desktop Connection application over the new UWP Remote Desktop app. No longer: I can use both now to do everything I need. Makes me wonder how much longer RDC will be around…

Assisting users with non-English Windows 10

When assisting Windows 10 users, regardless  of whatever localized language version they are using, it’s good to remember that core Windows is always in English. That includes all system folder names, all native Windows applications and all tools. Localized folders, for instance in the user profile are in fact not folders but rather, they are

Native Boot VHD – One-Click Deployment

I am a huge fan of using native boot virtual hard disks in a dual or multi boot configuration. Deploying Windows to a VHD file and adding it to the boot menu makes things so easy: when the secondary OS is no longer needed, just delete that VHD and remove its boot entry. In an

New channel names for Insider Settings appear

New Insider Release Names Appear in WU

Earlier this month, MS announced new terminology for levels of participation in its Insider program — namely, Dev Channel, Beta Channel and Release Preview Channel. As of June 29, those Channels are now visible, ready for you to tune in!

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