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February 19, 2020


Patching Windows install image with OSDBuilder

A few days ago, my Win10.guru partner Ed shared a link with me, saying he was sure I’ll find it interesting: Deploying fully patched Windows 10 computers: A guide for IT pros. He was right, of course. I saved it in both Favorites and in OneNote. One of the methods described in that story uses

Windows 10 clean reinstall – How to prepare

Here’s a personal opinion: It’s a good idea every now and then to start from scratch, and clean reinstall Windows 10. This presents an often-welcome chance to fully clean your system and get rid of all the junk bloating it. The Windows 10 Reset feature basically does the same thing — namely, reset Windows to

Create a multilingual Windows 10 install media

In today’s integrated world, there are a lot of people living abroad who use two or more languages. Using myself as an example, I come from a bilingual Finland (Finnish and Swedish), from a bilingual family, met my German ex-wife (fourth one, already happily divorced!) when working in Italy, and now live in my adopted

Windows 10 Digital License explained

The number of Windows 10 licensing and activation questions around the tech forums have grown exponentially since Windows 7  hit its End of Life date over two weeks ago. Users keep asking about how to find their Windows 10 product key after upgrading from Windows 7. The short answer is, there’s no need to find

Certification list for Win10 2004 on Bluetooth 5.1

Win10 2004 Certified for Bluetooth 5.1

Advanced Bluetooth versions offer interesting and useful improvements in low power operation and reception range. Good thing Win10 2004 certified for Bluetooth 5.1 on January 10, 2020.

Various experimental layouts for WordPad with in-app ads

WordPad May Get In-App Advertisements

When Raphael Rivera tweets on potential in-app advertisements in WordPad, it gets me to thinking about ads within the Windows OS in general. For me, their absence beat their presence, hands down.

Did you know that …? – Some Cool Windows Tips

Jen Gentleman (@JenMsft), Software Engineer and Community Manager at Microsoft, is one of those people on Twitter every Windows enthusiast should follow.” A few days ago she tweeted this: What's a computer tip/trick that you think everyone should know? — Jen Gentleman 🌺 (@JenMsft) January 18, 2020 At the moment, the thread has already over

Comparing Windows vs. Windows.old

Examining C:\Windows vs. C:\Windows.old

In looking at the differences between the new Feature Upgrade C:\Windows folder for Build 19546 verus its Windows.old “equivalent” (Build 19541), I couldn’t help but notice more that was different than alike. Start with the intro image for this story. Windows.old (left) includes 86,332 files and 22,148 folders and is 15.3 GB in size (15.1

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