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August 18, 2022


Hyper-V – Use Checkpoints

I must admit, I am a huge Hyper-V fan. That might make me biased when I talk or write about it. I mean, my favorite hobby is to build experimental Windows deployment images in Hyper-V, then deploy them to various physical and virtual machines. It’s much easier and moew convenient than using a physical machine

War Stories – Windows Admin Center Preview 1910.2

Last week, Microsoft released an update to the Windows Admin Center 1910 (WAC), bringing its version number to 1910.2. I have been fighting with it ever since, finally giving up on Wednesday night. I had to restore a Macrium image, to get my properly working year-old original 1910 WAC back. I use WAC basically for

Start menu in 10X emulator

First Steps in Fumbling Towards Windows 10X

In today’s blog post, I recite my first steps in fumbling towards Windows 10X. It’s an emulator, and it’s big, and involves jumping over a few hoops to get it up and running. Here goes…

Single shortcut to start, open and shut down Hyper-V VM

I wrote earlier about how to create a shortcut which starts a Hyper-V VM, opens a VM Connection window, and shuts down that VM when its VM Connection is closed. For complete instructions,  please see: Hyper-V – Create shortcut for virtual machine This procedure is extremely simple. Today, I made a video to show how

Exporting and importing Hyper-V virtual machines

Exporting and importing Hyper-V virtual machines is extremely easy. However, today I lost an important, activated Windows 10 VM when importing it back to my laptop, only because of a newbie mistake I made. Because of that, I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips about Hyper-V export and import, so

Hyper-V – Create shortcut for virtual machine

It’s easy and convenient to start and stop a Hyper-V virtual machine from a PowerShell script. Only three command lines are required: start the VM, launch Virtual Machine Connection window, and when the VM Connection is closed, shut down the VM. It is one of the shortest PS scripts I use. Thus, for example, the

Clean reinstall Windows – How I am doing it

A few weeks ago, I wrote some short and simple instructions to prepare for a  clean Windows 10 reinstall. Now it’s time to follow my own advice, I really must reinstall Windows on my laptop to get rid of unwanted files and folders, free up storage space, and make the system work without glitches. I’ve

VMware Workstation Tech Preview 20H1

The VMware Workstation Tech Preview 20H1 has been available since end of January. It is the first VMWare version which can run alongside Microsoft Hyper-V. Until now, if a user wanted to run both Hyper-V and VMWare virtual machines on the same computer, the Hypervisor must have been turned on and off, depending on if

Hyper-V logo

Hyper-V Server Unlimited Eval

The latest version of Hyper-V Server (2019) is now available as an unlimited eval. That means you can use it forever, for free. Good stuff!

Create a multilingual Windows 10 install media

In today’s integrated world, there are a lot of people living abroad who use two or more languages. Using myself as an example, I come from a bilingual Finland (Finnish and Swedish), from a bilingual family, met my German ex-wife (fourth one, already happily divorced!) when working in Italy, and now live in my adopted

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