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July 6, 2020


Native Boot VHD – One-Click Deployment

I am a huge fan of using native boot virtual hard disks in a dual or multi boot configuration. Deploying Windows to a VHD file and adding it to the boot menu makes things so easy: when the secondary OS is no longer needed, just delete that VHD and remove its boot entry. In an

Linux and Windows – Best friends forever?

Ed Bott, a globally known tech writer and author, described last week on ZDNet how Microsoft helped him to install Ubuntu Linux. Quoting Mr. Bott: Anyone who aspires to understand the modern computing landscape should have some experience with platforms other than the one they use regularly because a lot of what you see in

RDP and Hyper-V Enhanced Mode file transfer speed

A few weeks back, I offered free Windows assistance as long as the #StayAtHome lock-down continues. One of the emails I have received was from a user who asked if there’s anything one could do to speed up file transfer between a Hyper-V host and a virtual machine using Enhanced Session Mode. I thought that

Hyper-V – Use Checkpoints

I must admit, I am a huge Hyper-V fan. That might make me biased when I talk or write about it. I mean, my favorite hobby is to build experimental Windows deployment images in Hyper-V, then deploy them to various physical and virtual machines. It’s much easier and moew convenient than using a physical machine

War Stories – Windows Admin Center Preview 1910.2

Last week, Microsoft released an update to the Windows Admin Center 1910 (WAC), bringing its version number to 1910.2. I have been fighting with it ever since, finally giving up on Wednesday night. I had to restore a Macrium image, to get my properly working year-old original 1910 WAC back. I use WAC basically for

Start menu in 10X emulator

First Steps in Fumbling Towards Windows 10X

In today’s blog post, I recite my first steps in fumbling towards Windows 10X. It’s an emulator, and it’s big, and involves jumping over a few hoops to get it up and running. Here goes…

Exporting and importing Hyper-V virtual machines

Exporting and importing Hyper-V virtual machines is extremely easy. However, today I lost an important, activated Windows 10 VM when importing it back to my laptop, only because of a newbie mistake I made. Because of that, I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips about Hyper-V export and import, so

Hyper-V – Create shortcut for virtual machine

It’s easy and convenient to start and stop a Hyper-V virtual machine from a PowerShell script. Only three command lines are required: start the VM, launch Virtual Machine Connection window, and when the VM Connection is closed, shut down the VM. It is one of the shortest PS scripts I use. Thus, for example, the

Clean reinstall Windows – How I am doing it

A few weeks ago, I wrote some short and simple instructions to prepare for a  clean Windows 10 reinstall. Now it’s time to follow my own advice, I really must reinstall Windows on my laptop to get rid of unwanted files and folders, free up storage space, and make the system work without glitches. I’ve

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