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April 6, 2020


PowerToys Preview v.0.16.0 Gets New Goodies

A new PowerToys Preview is out. V.0.16.0 includes 4 new PowerToys and improvements and bug fixes for old ones. The total collection is up to 8 items now, with 4 new items added this time ’round.

Starting May WU Offers Security Updates Only

In recognition of “the public health” situation, MS will pause publishing its optional non-security releases starting in May. This is discussed in an item dated March 24, entitled “Timing for upcoming optional C and D releases” at the Windows Message Center (MS DOCs). The optional C and D releases represent classifications for updates that fix

Spring-Clean Your PC In 3 Steps

At least once a year, it’s a good idea to clean up your PC to get rid of unused or unwanted programs, and make sure everything’s up-to-date. Here’s how that process worked for me.

Covid-19 – Can it accelerate tech reseach?

There’s nothing positive to be said about the Covid-19 (Corona virus) pandemic. Having said that, I must say that I was quite surprised when I heard a discussion on Finnish breakfast TV yesterday morning. There, I heard from Ilkka Halava (his website in English). a “futurologist” as Bing translates his title. He boldly asserted that,

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Surprising Success at MVP Summit 2020

Upon the conclusion of the Microsoft MVP Summit 2020, I find myself surprisingly gratified and enriched by my first-ever all-virtual professional conference experience. Stay tuned for all kinds of interesting news to follow, as soon as MS says “Go!”

banner page for 2020 MVP Summit

Reflections on Virtual MVP Summit 2020

For the past three mornings, I’ve been sitting at my desk, headset on, staring at my left-hand 27″ monitor. That’s where I’ve got Teams running, and where the Windows 10 related sessions at this year’s MVP Summit run their courses. I blogged about Teams itself as part of this experience yesterday. Today, my thoughts are

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