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October 21, 2020


Even on a nearly 9-year-old laptop, Lenovo Vantage still does its thing.

Where Laptop OEMs Truly Add Value

It’s true one has to wait a while for OEMs to obtain, test and sometimes tweak device drivers, firmware, and BIOS/UEFI updates before making them available to users of their laptops and PCs. But some such offerings go on for a surprisingly long time, and are of exceptionally good quality. Read the deets…

All apps option in the new Office PWA menu

MS Office PWAs Appearing Unsolicited on 2004 and Insider Preview Versions

I read with interest about growing hoopla about MS Office Progressive Web Apps showing up uninvited on Insider Preview PCs. Then I find it on my production Version 2004 PC, too. Interest changes to “WTF?” pretty quickly, and leads me to spread the news. It’s easily uninstalled, though, if you decide you don’t want it on your PC(s).

On Patch Tuesday, we get a CU but no 20H2 GA release.

Where’s the 20H2 GA Release?

Patch Tuesday comes and goes without a generally available 20H2 upgrade. This raises the questions: Where is it? When will it drop? Only time will tell, because Microsoft isn’t saying…

It took three tries before this Dev Channel install updated to minor build 1005.

Interesting Issues Getting Dev Channel to Build 1005

Weird! Though Reliability Monitor tells me my first two update attempts with KB4586238 succeeded, the minor build number fails to increment. Only after running the Update Troubleshooter and trying again, does the build increase to 20231.1005. Truly, third time’s the charm!

eWaste photo: NeedPix 862084

Dispose of Old Computing Gear Responsibly

When PCs and other computer components and gear comes to the end of its useful or working life, it’s important to dispose of such electronic waste (eWaste) responsibly. Don’t add to the toxic burden in conventional landfills, please!

IE retirement timeline from MS August announcement

Credible Report Puts IE Out of Business Use Next Month

MS published a timeline announcing a gradual phaseout for Internet Explorer starting in November 2020, with EOL scheduled for August 2021. A German source reports that the degradation of the IE experience promised for November may be more faqr-reaching than expected.

Build 20231 release notes specifically warn about Compatiblity Assistant report as a "false alarm"

Dev Channel Build 20231 Reminds Me to RTFM

If I had only read the Dev Channel Build 20231 release notes more carefully, I would have already known that this latest release sometimes sports spurious warnings that MS Office is not compatible with this OS and has been removed. I got bitten twice by this, in fact. Sigh.

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