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Check your Windows Insider settings now!

A long wait should be coming to an end sometime this week (that’s my educated guess!). When the wait ends, we Windows Insiders will get some new builds to play with. The previous builds — namely, 18362 for the Release Preview Ring, and 18875 for the Fast and Skip Ahead Rings — were released two

May 2019 Update Hits Release Preview

Earlier today, Brandon LeBlanc posted a release notice for the version of Windows 10 formerly known as 1903. Now, it’s called the May 2019 Update. The bits are available to the Release Preview ring. Looks like that’s what I’ve also got on my formerly Fast Ring, now Slow Ring, PC. It’s Build 18362.30. It ‘s

1809 Defaults to Quick Removal for External Storage

Historically, prior Windows releases (up through and including 1803) have defaulted to require use of the “Safely remove” notification panel widget to properly disengage external USB storage devices, like flash drives. Starting with the current release, that is no longer required. You can simply pop those little suckers out whenever you feel like it (though

New Windows Insider concept next week

After the failed release of Windows 10 version 1809 and circus that followed, it was nice to read in a post to the official Windows blog that the Release Preview ring is back. Not only is it back, it will be prolonged. In the past, a new feature upgrade would go to Release Preview Insiders

Windows 10 19H1 Update coming late May

Today’s blog post by Mike Fortin (Corporate Vice President, Windows) describes a pending change to Microsoft’s feature upgrade system. It is surprising, and at the same time, not surprising at all. Let’s first take a look at the most interesting part of this post: We will increase the amount of time that the May 2019

Note to Win10.guru Subscribers

Dear subscribers, let me first thank you. You are important to us. We’ve had some issues with the automatic new post notifications we send you. In fact, no emails were sent in the period starting from late February until recently. We did not notice because we received an email each time telling that notifications were

Microsoft Docs – Excellent, but Imperfect

Microsoft faced a huge task when they started moving all documentation for their products and services from TechNet and MSDN to its new Microsoft Docs (https://docs.microsoft.com) sub-site. When launched in June 2016, Microsoft Docs only contained the .NET documentation, Since then, most of the other content has gradually moved over under that same umbrella. I

MS Ups Win10 Tally to 800M

Microsoft recently upped its tally of Windows 10 users to 800 million, after a year or more at the 700 million level. They’re already behind on hitting the 1 Billion mark, but should get there eventually.

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