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July 12, 2020


SP3 doc (front view)

USB Drive Dropouts = Sign of Failing Dock

I can’t help but notice that backing up to an exernal USB 3 drive plugged into my Surface Pro 3 dock fails on a pretty regular basis. Something seems to be wrong with the dock’s USB ports. So I plug into the SP3 USB 3 port instead.

Windows 10 Printer Test Page Alternatives

If you’ve got a printer attached to Windows 10, you probably know about the test page that the OS can print for you through Printers and Devices. But if not, here’s how to access it: +1: Open Devices and Printers +2: Right-click your Printer under the Printers heading +3: Click Printer Properties from the pull-down

Win10 DevMgr NW Adapter info

Device Driver Sources and Intelligence

Device drivers are critical bits of software that let Windows and your computer interact and communicate with hardware. It’s important to be careful and cautious when updating drivers, and to stick to reliable sources for such updates.

Bootable USB Tool Ventoy

Normally, when I write about free or commercial software for Win10.Guru, it falls under the heading of Admin Toolkit items. This time, I came across something free and worthy of mention that I wanted to share. But I haven’t had enough time or experience with the tool to know if I can recommend it or

War Stories: The Case of the Persistent Device Driver

When it comes to keeping device drivers up-to-date, life with Windows 10 is always interesting. Lately, I’ve found myself in such circumstances with one of my two Lenovo X380 Yoga laptops. Lenovo’s System Update facility (now integrated in the Lenovo Vantage app) shows I need to install an Intel driver on the Fast Ring (Build

Toolkit Item: 8GadgetPack

Supposedly, Windows Gadgets came in with Vista and went with Windows 7. Even before Windows 8 came along, MS decided to retire Windows Gadgets in 2011 (see this Spiceworks Community post that quotes the MS info from the time). This post states that the decision lets the company “focus support on the much richer set

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