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Desktop tools – Cloudflare’s new DNS Resolver

Cloudfare for sure selected an unorthodox launch day for its new DNS resolver service That’s because it not only made its debut on Easter Sunday but this year, that also happened to be April Fools Day (and, my birthday!). According to Matthew Prince on Clouflare’s blog, there was a “valid” reason for all this:

Toolkit Item: Kyhi’s Rescue Disk

A veritable Swiss Army Knife for Windows recovery and repair, Kyhi’s Rescue Disk is a bootable do-it-all environment that Windows admins and technicians will find indispensable.

Microsoft Tech Summit – Day One

Waking up quite early I decided to go to RAI Amsterdam, the venue for the Tech Summit. I got there a few minutes before 8 AM. This turned out to be excellent timing, because I was there exactly when the doors opened. I registered myself, enjoyed the complimentary breakfast and took a stroll around “The

Toolkit Item: Mouse Without Borders

Mouse Without Borders is an excellent, free tool that can control up to four computers with a single keyboard and mouse. It is part of the Microsoft Garage, a project that encourages Microsoft employees to publish their own software. About Microsoft Garage: The Garage is a resource to Microsoft employees that supports and encourages problem

Toolkit Item: Device Cleanup Tool

Uwe Sieber’s excellent Device Cleanup Tool speeds up and simplifies the process of removing absent or no-longer-needed device entries from Windows’ Device Manager.

Toolkit Item: PatchCleaner

HomeDev PatchCleaner offers a simple, straightforward software tool that can move or delete orphaned or duplicate installer and patch files from the C:\Windows\Installer directory.

EdgeManage by Emmet Gray

I am something of a purist when it comes to Windows 10. I adhere to a clear principle:  I won’t use a third-party tool for something that Windows is completely capable of doing (and designed to do) by itself. I do not use any gadgets or Start replacements, I detest all snake-oil tweakers, cleaners and

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