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June 25, 2022

Desktop tools

All apps option in the new Office PWA menu

MS Office PWAs Appearing Unsolicited on 2004 and Insider Preview Versions

I read with interest about growing hoopla about MS Office Progressive Web Apps showing up uninvited on Insider Preview PCs. Then I find it on my production Version 2004 PC, too. Interest changes to “WTF?” pretty quickly, and leads me to spread the news. It’s easily uninstalled, though, if you decide you don’t want it on your PC(s).

eWaste photo: NeedPix 862084

Dispose of Old Computing Gear Responsibly

When PCs and other computer components and gear comes to the end of its useful or working life, it’s important to dispose of such electronic waste (eWaste) responsibly. Don’t add to the toxic burden in conventional landfills, please!

IE retirement timeline from MS August announcement

Credible Report Puts IE Out of Business Use Next Month

MS published a timeline announcing a gradual phaseout for Internet Explorer starting in November 2020, with EOL scheduled for August 2021. A German source reports that the degradation of the IE experience promised for November may be more faqr-reaching than expected.

RAPR.exe gets an update to version 11.42

Admin Toolkit: DriverStore Explorer (RAPR.exe) V0.11.42 Update

The excellent GitHub project Driver Store Explorer gets an update to version V.0.11.42. If you have it installed, get current; if you don’t have it installed, it’s worth getting to know (and using occasionally, to keep the Driver Store slimmed down).

typical modern Win10 sys/boot disk layout

NVMe Replacement: Cloning vs. Backup Restore

When it comes to swapping an older (usually smaller) NVMe boot/system drive for a newer (usually bigger and faster) one, you can either clone the old drive, or restore an image backup from the old drive to the new one. Deets on pros and cons and choices in this story.

Cint Rutkas offers survey to let users help set development priorities

PowerToys Offers Survey, Goes to v0.23.0

Three different PowerToys stories pop at around the same time: a new release, a user input survey on upcoming tools, and a “functional spec” for Video/Image capture. Good stuff!

Wifinian shows active known Wi-Fi in blue, inactive in black.

Toolkit Item: Wifinian Wi-Fi Utility

This Admin Toolkit item is named Wifinian. It’s a Github open source project, costs nothing, and provides useful immediate control over Windows 10 Wi-Fi networking.

Norton Password Manager now includes a pretty informative Safety Check

Managing Win10 Accounts and Passwords

After a family member reminds me that my account/password security needs attention, I spend the better part of a day on cleanup and remediation. Please think about doing likewise yourself.

New storage health metric for SSDs in Build 20226

Build 20226 Gains SSD Health Metric

When I learn that Windows 10 Dev Channel Insider Preview Build 20226 includes an NVMe SSD “Drive Health” indicator I get curious. When I realize it’s embedded in “Manage Disks and Volumes,” I wonder if it will work at all on my test PCs. To my great delight: it does!

When MS offers optional updates the best response is often a polite "No thanks."

Optional Driver Updates: If It Ain’t Broke…

When Windows Update offers Optional updates, those are most often categorized as “Driver updates.” Unless a related device isn’t working well or has a definite problem, the proper response to such offers is to ignore them.

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