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Microsoft Tech Summit – Day One

Waking up quite early I decided to go to RAI Amsterdam, the venue for the Tech Summit. I got there a few minutes before 8 AM. This turned out to be excellent timing, because I was there exactly when the doors opened. I registered myself, enjoyed the complimentary breakfast and took a stroll around “The

Windows 10 versioning – Time to rethink?

I had an interesting chat with a fellow Windows 10 enthusiast and a close friend of mine yesterday. We conversed about the Windows 10 version 1803 release date and Windows versioning in general. My friend said he expected 1803 to be released within the next ten days. In my abrupt style, I told him he

Windows 10 – Upcoming changes in OOBE

Microsoft released a so-called Skip Ahead Insider build numbered 17623 yesterday (Friday the 16th of March 2018). Creating an ISO from the upgrade files (see this post for instructions) and clean installing it reveals major changes to the OOBE (Windows Welcome) when setting up Windows. The Skip Ahead builds at the moment are previews of version

UUP Dump – Get Insider Fast Ring ISO

I’ve been using the UUP Dump Miniserver since the first version was released in early October to get Fast Ring ISO images for those editions and languages I do not have currently installed when new builds are released. It is a fast and reliable tool which I wholeheartedly recommend. Get UUP files downloaded with UUP Dump

Windows FFU image – Faster capture & deployment

My subjective opinion: Full Flash Update (FFU) imaging is the best thing that has happened to Windows deployment. Ever. Where capturing your deployment image to a WIM file takes 10 minutes, capturing it to FFU takes under two. The time required to apply an FFU image is cut to less than half of what it

Hyper-V Online Gallery: Create a VHD repository

Windows 10 version 1709 holds a hidden gem for us virtualization freaks: Quick Create Online Gallery. By default, it gives Microsoft an opportunity to suggest its premade virtual machines to users. But the term “hidden gem” means that although the feature has been available for almost a year now in Windows Insider builds, its documentation

DaRT 10 – How to deploy

To be able to use DaRT 10 in your organization to assist your users, it needs to be deployed. When it comes to deploying DaRT 10, you have several options. You can create  bootable media (USB ( CD / DVD) to be delivered to each location, have each location  create one from an ISO, make

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