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February 18, 2020


Patching Windows install image with OSDBuilder

A few days ago, my partner Ed shared a link with me, saying he was sure I’ll find it interesting: Deploying fully patched Windows 10 computers: A guide for IT pros. He was right, of course. I saved it in both Favorites and in OneNote. One of the methods described in that story uses

Office 365 ProPlus logo

MS Reverses O365 ProPlus Plans to Bing-ify Web Search

When MS announced in January it would automatically change over search engines in Chrome (and perhaps Firefox) from the current default to Bing, I expected some backlash. It’s been heard, and a new, kinder and gentler policy set forward.

Create a multilingual Windows 10 install media

In today’s integrated world, there are a lot of people living abroad who use two or more languages. Using myself as an example, I come from a bilingual Finland (Finnish and Swedish), from a bilingual family, met my German ex-wife (fourth one, already happily divorced!) when working in Italy, and now live in my adopted

Comparing Windows vs. Windows.old

Examining C:\Windows vs. C:\Windows.old

In looking at the differences between the new Feature Upgrade C:\Windows folder for Build 19546 verus its Windows.old “equivalent” (Build 19541), I couldn’t help but notice more that was different than alike. Start with the intro image for this story. Windows.old (left) includes 86,332 files and 22,148 folders and is 15.3 GB in size (15.1

Slow ring info from Settings

New Roles for Slow and Fast Insider Rings

With a new definition of the Fast Insider ring as a place where new Windows 10 features and functions will come and (possibly) go, the Slow ring gains importance as the focus for detailed feedback on the next planned OS release. This changes my priorities.

Windows Insider Program Changes: What’s Up?

With the announcement for Build 19365, MS also decrees massive changes to what the Windows Insider program does and how it works. This will make life very different for Windows Insiders, so please check this out.

1809 Users: Get Ready for 1909 Updates!

OK, then: it’s official. MS announced yesterday — December 5, 2019 — that it will now automatically initiate updates to 1909 for users still running 1809. We’ve known this was coming, because EOL for was originally scheduled for May 11, 2020. Here’s the text verbatim from the Windows 10 1909 Status Page (see text outlined

HDD and SSD capacity – GiB or GB, TiB or TB?

Every IT professional and advanced user knows that the real formatted capacity of a Terabyte (1 TB) HDD or SSD is just over 931 Gigabytes (GB). The difference is because HDD and SSD manufacturers, without exception, use powers of 10 to claim disk sizes (decimal system), whereas computer file systems are based on powers of

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