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Azure AD

Windows AutoPilot new features for Insiders

Last week I wrote about the importance of us IT pros dealing with Windows to join Windows Insider Program for Business. A few days ago, Ed wrote about Windows AutoPilot and where it’s going, mentioning two new cool features in AutoPilot. Both of these new interesting new features are currently only available as previews for

Review: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

We have used Email Signatures for Office 365 from CodeTwo (https://www.codetwo.com/) for two months now. CodeTwo is a Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in tools for O365 / Exchange email. Email Signatures for Office 365 is an Azure-based tool. It permits tenant admins to create, edit and manage email signatures centrally for the entire tenant. An

Lenovo Announces Support for Windows AutoPilot

Lenovo announced this week that it will start supporting Windows AutoPilot as the first Microsoft OEM Partner to do so. This excerpt from that post states the benefits: For the first time, IT Administrators will have the option to leverage Lenovo’s direct integration with Windows Autopilot’s capability to register Lenovo PC’s to their Azure Active

Microsoft Tech Summit – Day Two

  Thursday marked the second and final day of Microsoft’s Amsterdam Tech Summit. Leaving immediately after the last session, I managed to get myself to Amsterdam’s Main Railway Station about 15 minutes before my train departed. After a stressful journey of over 8 hours on a  train filled with people travelling for the four-day Easter

Microsoft Tech Summit – Day One

Waking up quite early I decided to go to RAI Amsterdam, the venue for the Tech Summit. I got there a few minutes before 8 AM. This turned out to be excellent timing, because I was there exactly when the doors opened. I registered myself, enjoyed the complimentary breakfast and took a stroll around “The

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