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September 28, 2022

Admin Tools

The batch file opens a pick list by Win10 version.

AveYo MediaCreationTool.bat Digs Back to 1507

A series of indirect references lead me to GitHub developer AveYo’s hands-dandy MediaCreationTool.bat, which provides access to all known versions of Windows 10 (and its corresponding Media Creation Tool). Good stuff!

NirSoft NetBScanner helps me keep up.

War Story: Wandering Network Printer IP Address

Every now and then, I’ll send a print job off on my production desktop that goes to an application (today, it was Snagit) instead of target printer. When that happens, I know it’s time to reset the default printer using its new IP address. Let me explain. . .

The "Feature Update" offer finally appears.

First 20H2 Upgrade Offer Appears

First thing this morning, I observe on my Lenovo X390 Yoga that WU has finally extended an offer of KB4580364. After accepting that offer, I document my experiences and reactions with download, install, and post-install cleanup. It’s all good — and surprisingly interesting — stuff. Check it out!

Adobe flash logo

MS Catalog Gets Update to Remove Adobe Flash Player

With end of support scheduled for the Adobe Flash Player on December 31, 2020, Microsoft releases a catalog update to uninstall that Player from Windows 10 (normally, it’s built right into the OS). Here’s a link…

The header includes the MS account edmail address which I obfuscated here.

On-again/Off-Again Win10 Settings Header

MS has a banner for the Setting apps in A/B test right now, which means some users see it, and other users don’t. I provide details on an OS tweaking tool that lets enterprising users change this feature’s status (turn it off it it’s on; turn it on if it’s off).

Even on a nearly 9-year-old laptop, Lenovo Vantage still does its thing.

Where Laptop OEMs Truly Add Value

It’s true one has to wait a while for OEMs to obtain, test and sometimes tweak device drivers, firmware, and BIOS/UEFI updates before making them available to users of their laptops and PCs. But some such offerings go on for a surprisingly long time, and are of exceptionally good quality. Read the deets…

For most most update history items, there's an associated KB article.

Interesting New Way to Access MS KB Articles

Microsoft creates a new, regular and predictable URL structure to let admins and users jump straight to any Knowledge Base (KB) item online. Here are the details…

On Patch Tuesday, we get a CU but no 20H2 GA release.

Where’s the 20H2 GA Release?

Patch Tuesday comes and goes without a generally available 20H2 upgrade. This raises the questions: Where is it? When will it drop? Only time will tell, because Microsoft isn’t saying…

It took three tries before this Dev Channel install updated to minor build 1005.

Interesting Issues Getting Dev Channel to Build 1005

Weird! Though Reliability Monitor tells me my first two update attempts with KB4586238 succeeded, the minor build number fails to increment. Only after running the Update Troubleshooter and trying again, does the build increase to 20231.1005. Truly, third time’s the charm!

RAPR.exe gets an update to version 11.42

Admin Toolkit: DriverStore Explorer (RAPR.exe) V0.11.42 Update

The excellent GitHub project Driver Store Explorer gets an update to version V.0.11.42. If you have it installed, get current; if you don’t have it installed, it’s worth getting to know (and using occasionally, to keep the Driver Store slimmed down).

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