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Beware of Browser Mining

Guess what? There’s a new kind of mining for digital currency emerging in the marketplace. It’s called “browser mining” and it works something like this. User visits web page; web page downloads mining widget; mining widget runs on user system generating hashes (and ultimately, spendable digital coins) for the web site operator. That sounds fair,

Nvidia drivers – Bloatware?

In preparing to inject drivers from Build 17074 into 17083 for deployment, I notice the DriverStore is hugely bloated with nearly 15 GB of Nvidia drivers. DriverStore Explorer rides to the rescue, and I inject about 1.5 GB of drivers instead.

Toolkit Item: UnCleaner

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m something of a nut when it comes to utilities that get rid of unnecessary space-takers in Windows OSes. That’s why you’ll find more than a handful of utilities that get rid of unnecessary, unwanted, obsolete or superfluous files in this series. My first such tool is small, fast, unassuming and

The (Windows) Admin’s Toolkit

From time to time, we’ll be adding stories to a series on the software tools and utilities we use regularly to help us get our jobs done. We do this on the theory that if they help us, they might help you, too. We also request that you share your faves with us through comments

Microsoft Sysinternals Suite

There was a time when we used to say that Mark Russinovich knew more about Windows than most people at Microsoft. These days he works for MS as their CTO for Azure and is (or was, at least) a Microsoft Fellow. Back in the late 80s or early 90s he started a company called Winternals

NirSoft Nirlauncher

The NirSoft website is a good place to go looking for Windows utilities of just about any kind. It’s home to over 180 different tools and utilities, all from the fertile mind of Nir Sofer, the Israeli developer and powerhouse who put all these things together. If you look at his NirLauncher utility, you’ll quickly