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August 18, 2022


Wifinian shows active known Wi-Fi in blue, inactive in black.

Toolkit Item: Wifinian Wi-Fi Utility

This Admin Toolkit item is named Wifinian. It’s a Github open source project, costs nothing, and provides useful immediate control over Windows 10 Wi-Fi networking.

Norton Password Manager now includes a pretty informative Safety Check

Managing Win10 Accounts and Passwords

After a family member reminds me that my account/password security needs attention, I spend the better part of a day on cleanup and remediation. Please think about doing likewise yourself.

Optional Updates offers KB4577063 which takes 2004 to build 19041.546

Other Optional Updates: Worth Grabbing?

One day after I caution against installer Optional driver updates that WU may offer, I learn that other optional updates cannot be reasonably disregarded. These “other updates” are worth watching, and at least some are worth installing, too.

When MS offers optional updates the best response is often a polite "No thanks."

Optional Driver Updates: If It Ain’t Broke…

When Windows Update offers Optional updates, those are most often categorized as “Driver updates.” Unless a related device isn’t working well or has a definite problem, the proper response to such offers is to ignore them.

Cloud download (top) vs. Local reinstall (bottom) now working

Version 2004 Reset Back in Action

Good news! While the “Reset this PC” option in Windows 10 version 2004 was broken for some time after its May 27 release, on or after September 8 it’s working properly once again. Glad to see it’s been fixed.

Here's something you don't want to see when scanning for updates.

Intel Driver & Support Assistant Falters

When I fire up the Intel Driver & Support Assistant on my production PC this morning, I get an “Oops!” message. Easily fixed, and I’m happy to report that my other Intel PCs seem unaffected in such wise. Just another random glitch, perhaps?

Current Macrium Reflect Backup Images for Production PC

My Windows10 Backup Regime

My Windows 10 backup regime includes elements of both belt and suspenders in that I back up frequently, and keep multiple copies around, some in the cloud. What’s your approach?

SpiceWorld 2020 agenda description of Ventoy session

SpiceWorld 2020 Ventoy Presentation

OK, then. Today’s the day my pre-recorded presentation about Ventoy — the GitHub project that creates bootable Windows 10 media that can boot into any bootable ISO file in one of its partitions — at the virtual version of this year’s annual SpiceWorld gathering. As promised, I’m providing links to the underlying PowerPoint file and

Windows Update icon

MS Merges SSU into CU for WSUS

For companies and organizations that manage their own Windows Updates, getting the right Servicing Stack Update (SSU) is crucial before or alongside installing the Latest Cumulative Update (LCU). At a single stroke, MS does away with this requirement.

Ventoy2Disk shows V.1.0.20 in the package, and V1.0.19 on the USB, ready for update.

Admin Toolkit: Ventoy V1.0.20 Download Available

One week ago, the latest version of the terrific bootable USB installer tool Ventoy became available for download. I’m talking about V1.0.20 taking up position as the Ventoy “Latest Release” on GitHub. To update an already-installed copy, unZip the download into some target directory and plug in your Ventory USB device. Then, run the Ventoy2Disk.exe

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