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February 25, 2020


Hyper-V logo

Hyper-V Server Unlimited Eval

The latest version of Hyper-V Server (2019) is now available as an unlimited eval. That means you can use it forever, for free. Good stuff!

Office 365 ProPlus logo

MS Reverses O365 ProPlus Plans to Bing-ify Web Search

When MS announced in January it would automatically change over search engines in Chrome (and perhaps Firefox) from the current default to Bing, I expected some backlash. It’s been heard, and a new, kinder and gentler policy set forward.

General settings for MS PowerToys.

Getting Into PowerToys

Learning that there’s a new shortcut key item in the PowerToys collection, I quickly realize I need to learn how to drive the UI before I can do anything useful. Sigh.

Certification list for Win10 2004 on Bluetooth 5.1

Win10 2004 Certified for Bluetooth 5.1

Advanced Bluetooth versions offer interesting and useful improvements in low power operation and reception range. Good thing Win10 2004 certified for Bluetooth 5.1 on January 10, 2020.

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