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New Mystery Win10 Folder $WinREAgent

Checking over my Insider Preview Fast Ring system/boot drive (C:\) this morning, I found something new and interesting. It’s a hidden, read-only folder named $WinREAgent. Folders that start with a dollar sign are usually hidden, created during installation for temporary use. I’ve seen plenty of such things come and go over the years, but this

Reformatted MS Support banner info

MS Denies Support for MS Store Removal

MS says that uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Store in Window 10 is not supported. They recommend reset or reinstall for serious repairs. I suggest two other (faster, easier) things to try first.

Thank you, Microsoft – An Important Change in Windows Setup

Needing screenshots of Windows Setup for a new tutorial, I accidentally noticed today that Microsoft has finally changed its default partitioning of the system disk to comply with their own partitioning guidelines. The title image above shows how Microsoft recommends a GPT disk be partitioned. Until recently, and still in Windows 10 versions 19H1 /

20H1 Runs Solid and Steady

Could the happy stars have finally lined up over Redmond? Windows 10 Insider releases are steady, stable and trouble-free right now. Same goes for the 1903 production version. What gives?

So Long Skipahead Ring

With the announcement of Insider Fast ring build 19018.1 on November 5, the Insider Team reports no more Skipahead builds going forward. Insiders who elected “Skip” will automatically switch to “Fast.”

Check Out MS Ignite 2019

The Windows Ignite 2019 conference is underway in Orlando Florida through November 8. Remote viewing of streamed sessions is free, so it’s worth checking things out to see what’s happening. Enjoy!

War Stories: dwm.exe APPCRASH Insider Feedback

Because I have two nearly identical laptops running Windows 10 Insider Preview builds it’s easy for me to tell that one build is subject to Windows Desktop Manager crashes when I leave Remote Desktop open. Reported to Feedback Hub.

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