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July 5, 2020


EOL is coming, but the downlaod remains avaialble

Adobe Flash EOL January 1, 2021

Although the news has been out since June 2017, it bears repeating that Adobe Flash Player hits EOL on 12/31/2020. Chrome and Firefox no longer support it, as its days are increasingly (and smaller) numbered.

Office download settings show new channel names

New Names for Microsoft 365 Update Channels

MS has introduced new names for Office update channels. These now include a Beta Channel (early adopters), Current Channel (and Preview version), and Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (and Preview version). You’ve been warned!

Network status should likely say "private"

Typical Post-Upgrade Networking Checks and Repairs

If you work on a (usually small) private network, and RDP, file sharing, or device sharing quits working (or works only intermittently) after a Windows 10 feature upgrade, here are some tried-and-true fixes to restore things to working order.

The Realtek Audio Control works only with UAD drivers

Bringing Realtek UAD Drivers Back from the Dead

After I run the setup.exe installer from the 8923 version of the Realtek UAD drivers, I find my PC switched from UAD to HDA drivers. Getting the UAD driver re-installed and the Realtek Audio Control working again proves tricky. Here’s how!

SUMo sez: upgrade to I can't find it anywhere.

Dealing with False Positive Updates in SUMo

When dealing with update tools, one does encounter the occasional false positive (it claims an item needs an update when it doesn’t, or when said update doesn’t exist). I found myself chasing a phantom, but have learned to give up when the chase goes on too long.

Sercher5.biz: cute robots, bad intent

Sercher5.biz Adware Bites Me

While distracted doing too many things at once, I allow an adware site to send “notifications.” I am very soon sorry, and almost immediately learn how to block a recurrence. Sigh.

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