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August 18, 2022


ShowKeyPlus info shows a Windows 7 OEM license upgraded to Win10

Resolve Win10 Activation Status

SuperFly’s excellent ShowKeyPlus tool can tell users if they’ve upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version and what kind of license they’ve got. Use slmgr to check activation status at any time, to make sure your license is valid and active.

Microsoft's LCID reference provides data in document form

Making Sense of LCID Language Codes

Ever wondered about those four-letter codes that identify languages in Windows, like en-us for US English and en-gb for UK English? They’re called LCIDs (Language Code Identifiers) and there are a great many of them. Fortunately, I found a good tool to search and sort them, too.

Snippet of Win10.Guru files on teams

Raft of New Features Coming to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft just announced a whole bunch of new teams features including meetings with up to 20,000 participants (!) and a wide range of phone support plans, including expanded phone system integration, support for SIP phones, and even (gasp!) Teams phones coming soon.

Original 1507 desktop background

Windows 10 Public Release Five Years Ago Today

Only July 29, 2015 Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public. It’s been a interesting ride since then, and the OS appears to have many more years of utility and enjoyment left to go. Happy B-day!

ISP speed left; external speed right

Internet Speeds Can Be Tricky

Measuring and determining Internet access speeds can be interesting, and are often inconsistent. Here I explore two views of max speeds, and the handful of things users can do to achieve a faster Internet experience. Warning: most cost money.

Two reghacks let admins lock updates onto a PC onto a specific Win10 version

RegHack Fixes Updates on Specific Windows 10 Version

A pair of simple Registry Keys lets admins fix or lock Windows 10 updates onto a specific Windows version. It’s one way of preventing unwanted application of feature upgrades to Windows 10 PCs that seems fairly sure-fire.

These two Store updates address codec vulnerabilities

MS Confirms Two Critical Codec Security Vulnerabilities

Two new critical and important vulnerabilities for Windows Codes, and get CVE IDs 2020-1425 and -1457. What makes the updates that fix them interesting is that, for the time being, they come from the MS Store.

Starting May WU Offers Security Updates Only

In recognition of “the public health” situation, MS will pause publishing its optional non-security releases starting in May. This is discussed in an item dated March 24, entitled “Timing for upcoming optional C and D releases” at the Windows Message Center (MS DOCs). The optional C and D releases represent classifications for updates that fix

KB4497165 covers CPUs from 2011 through 2019

KB4497165 Intel Microcode Updates Cover Mixed Bag

If you’ve got a PC with a Sandy Bridge (mobile, E, or EP), Denverton, Valley View, or Whiskey Lake U CPU, you’ll want to install KB4497165. Oh, and you must be running Windows 10 1903 or 1909, too. Doesn’t work with Insider Preview versions.

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