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September 23, 2020

Posts by: Kari Finn

Native boot VHD with GPT virtual hard disk – How to upgrade

Windows cannot be upgraded on native boot VHD. Updating is OK, but when user tries to upgrade Windows, an error message is shown: “You can’t upgrade Windows on a virtual drive“. To upgrade Windows on native boot VHD, it must be attached to a virtual machine. After upgrade, virtual machine can be deleted, and user can now boot to VHD containing upgraded Windows.

Club Guru

Dear subscribers and Win10.guru friends. Ed and I have been talking about starting live webcasts on Microsoft Teams for our subscribers, sometime in the near future. Each webcast would have one or two topics, varying from Windows 10 basics to advanced group policies, from deployment to virtualization, from privacy to security. Webcasts would be recorded

Weird! Office 365 disappears after each dev channel upgrade

A month ago, I wrote about a strange issue with Office. It occasionally disappeared, was sometimes uninstalled after an Insider build upgrade. When I was last writing about this, it had happened three times out of five previous Dev Channel build upgrades. Find the whole story here: Windows Insider Dev Channel and Office 365 Can’t

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