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Comparing Windows vs. Windows.old

Examining C:\Windows vs. C:\Windows.old

In looking at the differences between the new Feature Upgrade C:\Windows folder for Build 19546 verus its Windows.old “equivalent” (Build 19541), I couldn’t help but notice more that was different than alike. Start with the intro image for this story. Windows.old (left) includes 86,332 files and 22,148 folders and is 15.3 GB in size (15.1

Removing Problematic Skype App from Production Desktop

Please take a look at this Reliability Monitor output over the past 2 weeks. Notice the yellow exclamation points. Each one arises from the same cause as shown at the foot of the screen cap. It is a “Failed Windows Update” for the built-in Skype app (UWP style). I never use it on my production

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