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Win10 Troubleshooting Woes

The problem with shooting Windows 10 trouble, alas, is often in knowing where to aim. Case in point: my recent Reliability Monitor shows an error from the Windows Shell Experience. The specific error is labeled MoAppHang. As far as I can find out (and additional reporting data confirms this finding) this means some kind of

Merger of Skipahead and Fast Ring Win10 Insider Previews

As Microsoft brings a Windows 10 Feature Upgrade to completion, there’s a period immediately leading up to the latest release (1809 in the most recent case) where the Skipahead and Fast Ring releases merge. This continues past the official release of that feature upgrade for a while. In the past, at some point the two

Toolkit Item: MiniTool Power Data Recovery (MTPDR $)

Late last year, we kicked off a series of articles called The (Windows) Admin’s Toolkit. Since then, Win10.Guru has issued 9 installments. This story, about MiniTool’s Power Data Recovery (MTPDR) will be the tenth. Unlike the previous item – the MiniTool Partition Wizard (MTPW) – the free version of this program is not fully functional.

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